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Visiting Bob's Lake In Ontario Canada

Updated on February 23, 2012
Bob's Lake
Bob's Lake | Source

Have you ever been to Bob's Lake in Ontario, Canada? Each year, my family makes the long voyage from PA into Ontario and stays at a cabin on Bob's Lake. We've been doing this since 1988, and it's a tradition that will be hard to break. Bob's Lake is a beautiful place to take a vacation to, and activities such as fishing, swimming, boating, and camping are fun ways to spend your vacation there. Bob's Lake is a great place to make memories.

Where Is It Located?

Bob's Lake is located near Westport, Ontario, Canada. When coming across the US/Canada border at the Thousand Islands Bridge, it's about and hour and a half away. It's mainly paved roads, but to get to some of the cabins you will need to travel on dirt and back roads.

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A markerBob's Lake, Ontario, Canada -
Bobs Lake, ON K0H, Canada
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Westport, ON, Canada
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Bob's Lake
Bob's Lake | Source

How Big Is Bob's Lake?

Bob's Lake has 123 miles (198 Km) of shoreline that you can explore, that includes 7,776 acres (3,147 ha) of water inside of it. If you were to measure the length of the lake from one end to another, it would be 9.9 miles (16 Km) long. The average depth of the lake is 83.9 feet (25.6 m), which provides adequate space for a fish to hide on you! In the Springtime, the height above sea level that Bob's Lake reaches is 533.7 feet (162.7 m), whereas in the Fall, that number changes to 529.4 feet (161.38 m). It does not show a significant change in level between Spring and Fall.

Fishing in Bob's Lake
Fishing in Bob's Lake | Source

What Can I Do There?

Bob's Lake offers many warm and cold weather activities for the whole family to enjoy. For those of you that prefer the warmer weather, you may enjoy fishing, boating, swimming and more in the lake. Bob's Lake features a variety of fish that you can hook on to including rock bass, perch, bluegills, large and small mouth bass, pike, walleye, and lake trout. Tired of fishing? Jump into the lake for a quick dip to cool off, or hook up the tube or water ski's behind the boat and have a blast! There are many cottages and cabins to stay in right along the lake, so if being out on the water isn't your thing, stay back at camp and enjoy a relaxing view. You can also head into Westport or travel to Kingston to get in some shopping.

If you prefer the colder weather, you can also try your luck at fishing, just make sure to bring all of your ice fishing supplies with you! You can also lace up your skates and go ice skating, or trailer the snowmobile and hit some high speeds across the lake.

Twin Oaks Cabin
Twin Oaks Cabin | Source
Green Bay Heritage Cabins
Green Bay Heritage Cabins | Source

Where Can I Stay?

There are many cabins and cottages that you can rent on a daily or weekly basis.

Green Bay Heritage Cabins are a great choice if you are taking a large family or group.
Twin Oaks is another notable place to stay along Bob's Lake.
Bob's Lake Cottages (Morter's) is closeby to both Green Bay and Twin Oaks and features nice cabins, some of which sit atop a hill and look down on the lake.

Click Here for more places to stay on Bob's Lake.

Canadian Loon
Canadian Loon | Source

What Else Is There To Enjoy?

Bob's Lake not only offers tourism and family activities, but it also offers a variety of wildlife. You will no doubt see and hear a Loon, Canada's National Bird. Along with the Loon, you will see beautiful sunrises and sunsets. In the summertime, you will be able to enjoy the abundance and length of the daylight hours. Owls, Osprey, and Beavers are not uncommon to run into as well. Enjoy the unforgettable landscape as you venture out on the boat. The the ice and snow covered lake in the winter, the blooming of plants in the spring, the sunrises and sunsets in the summer, and the beautiful foliage in the fall will without a doubt bring you back year after year.

Bob's Lake
Bob's Lake | Source


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    • Pamela-anne profile image

      Pamela-anne 4 years ago from Miller Lake

      It looks like a lovely spot at Bob's Lake not unlike my regular holiday spot at Beausli Island on Georgian Bay which I just came back from this past weekend. My main supplies that are a must to pack is my 50-70 sunblock and bug repellant everything else is secondary. Your spot is a much more secluded and private spot looks like a great place to spend some downtime. Thanks for sharing bye for now!