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Visiting Branson Missouri on A Budget

Updated on May 26, 2014

Whether you are interested in fishing, swimming, floating, riding an old fashioned steam boat, or seeing and listening to top talent in the music world there is something for you in Branson MO! With an amazing variety of entertainment and prices that will please and amaze you, this is the place to visit and see it all!

Here it is ... hope you can read maps.

A markerbranson, missouri -
Branson, MO, USA
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Branson is a city in Taney County in the U.S. state of Missouri and is in the Ozark Mountains. (Ref:,_Missouri)

And here is the list of all the places a first time visitor MUST visit...

This short run down covers the top attractions for Branson, those which are "must see" and won't break your wallet.

Ripley’s Believe it or Not Museum

This museum has over 400 unique and special exhibits contained in 7 galleries, each with their own unique theme. No hurry, just take your time and wander through the museum of oddities and quirky things to witness.


• 9:00am to 8:00pm
• Christmas: Open at noon


• Adults: $14.99 + Tax
• Children: (6-11): $7.99 + Tax
• Seniors: $12.26+ Tax
• Children under 5: FREE

Certain Combos are also available. You can check them out or book Ripley's Believe It or Not tickets online.

A hot favorite amongst children, this wax museum has lots of life like wax replicas of Hollywood scenes and celebrities.
A hot favorite amongst children, this wax museum has lots of life like wax replicas of Hollywood scenes and celebrities.

Hollywood Wax Museum

This is right here in middle America with their own unique figures to pose with and take all the photos you want, perhaps visit many historic spots or maybe see the 40 foot tall King Kong! Sail on the Titanic! Skip your way down the Yellow Brick Road! There is plenty to see 365 days each year.

Box Office Prices:

Adults $17.95

Children (4-11)$8.95

Seniors (55+)$15.95

Children under 4 Free

Online Discounts:


Children (4-11)$7.95

Seniors (55+)$14.95

Children under 4 Free

For more details on Branson, Missouri tickets on the official page HERE.

Shepherd of the Hills is a truly historic and serene place.
Shepherd of the Hills is a truly historic and serene place.

Shepherd of the Hills

This is one truly historic family friendly place to visit. You can choose horseback rides through historic homesteads or old fashioned trails on actual show horses. There are also jeep rides to see Old Matt’s Cabin which is on the National Historic Registry. See Inspiration Point and appreciate the true history of the Ozark area.

Titanic Museum

The Titanic Museum is undoubtedly a special place to visit because this is the largest Titanic attraction in the world! It was 100 years ago now that this massive ship sunk and here is an enormous representation of that historic ship. Walk the replica of Titanic’s own grand staircase, spend 90 minutes browsing through the massive replica, and see how life went on the huge ship 100 years ago. You can even try to signal an SOS while visiting the wireless radio room on board.

Music and more music!

Many big name music and variety entertainers have graced the stages in Branson over the years, some even having their own name on the building! To just drop a few names how about Andy Williams, the Baldknobbers, Crystal Gayle, Mickey Gilley, Mel Tillis, Don Williams, George Jones, Jim Stafford, and Johnny Mathis. There are tribute shows to Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley, and John Denver. Dolly Parton even has her own attraction here called the Dixie Stampede where food and a show are always popular!

Silver Dollar City
Silver Dollar City

Silver Dollar City

This is a must see for all day entertainment. It is an amusement park with history as the main subject. Find out how to blow glass or take rides that will get you wet but happy! Learn crafts at the Craft and Culinary School, let the kids enjoy over 30 rides and attractions specifically for them including Half Dollar Holler where they can climb nets, crawl around tree houses, and learn about things like no where else!

Spring and Fall
Typically brings highs in the low 90s and lows in the 50s and 60s
Temperature range between 50 degrees and 80 degrees
Daytime highs top out at 60 degrees and low temperatures are in the 20s and 30s.
June, July and August are the main months of summer and the sun shines bright.
Months of April and May have pleasantly warm days and refreshingly cool nights. September and October are similar to spring. During spring wet weather and thunderstorms are common.
December to March is the chilliest period. November on the other hand is comparitively less harsh.
Spring rainfall averages four inches per month.
Winter snow accumulations typically total between 1 and 2 inches, making for fairly easy travel.
Short sleeves shirts and light throw-ons coupled with a pair of good quality sunglasses will keep you comfortable.
Makes sense to carry rain gear.
Layered clothing for indoors and jackets and warm wear for outdoors. Makes sense to carry mufflers, gloves, caps and sweaters for a cozy stay.
Colorful foliage throughout the Ozarks during the months September, October is definitely worth a closer look.
Best Times Of The Year To Visit Branson, Missouri

Christmas is a great time to visit Branson

Christmas time sees extraordinary lighting of houses and other structures and its a pleasure to move around to city simply to see the lights. Other than that, lighting festivals and other events are organized which will keep you busy enough.

Enjoy your time in Branson.

Attractions for Children

Silver Dollar City has quite a few things stacked up, many of which may appeal to children of all ages. These include close to 30 rides, craft exhibitions, music, food and art festivals are the chief crowd pullers. Their official website will give you more details.

Another great place to visit is the Dixie Stampede. What is great is that it works for people of all ages. The dinner is loved by the guests and a show (which is set in civil times) is put up for entertainment. With all the horses, racing, competitions and even ostriches, it will surely be a great learning experience for the kids If you can manage to snag yourself a park jumper pass, you can visit it for a song.

Additionally, the Plumb Nellie Arts and Crafts Festival which is held downtown is a 50 year old tradition. It is a two-day street fair with the usual fare of food and crafts booths, dancing and live music, gaming booths and even fishing contests. The annual Branson Motorcycle Rally is a regular crowd puller and thousands of biking and bike-racing enthusiasts turn up to participate each year.


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