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Visiting Canada: Towards the Great Outdoors of Banff National Park

Updated on November 1, 2014
The wonderful view of Banff National Park
The wonderful view of Banff National Park | Source

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Banff national park is a small mountain view in Canada that attracts millions of tourists each year because of its spectacular scenery. Located at the southwestern region of Banff , the park is held as one of the best places in Canada offering the best view of the Canadian Rockies also known as the “shining mountains” by the native people of Canada. For many years now, it has been accustomed by many tourists to drop by Banff and experienced the spectacular view of the snow-tipped mountains of the Canadian Rockies that sparkle under the rays of the sun.

The town of Banff is only about four square kilometers, presenting one of the best places in Canada to take a delightful walk with the allure of tall trees, green grounds, and fresh air. Aside from enjoying the scenic view of the now-capped mountains white, visitors can also visit some historical museums and shop around the Banff National Park. The place is complete with facilities and accommodation to make your stay worthwhile. Transportation is not also a problem because Banff is perfectly located near to the city of Calgary where you can take a flight at the Calgary International Airport. This makes visiting Canada one flight away!

Great meadow view from the Banff National Park
Great meadow view from the Banff National Park | Source

Touring Banff National Park

Visiting Canda gives you all the chances of exploring the wonderful Banff National Park. Among the beautiful sceneries that you can enjoy at Banff National Park are the immense landscapes made up of mountains, forests, meadows, rivers, and valleys. The area which is more than 2500 square miles of land is also a perfect place to spend good times with the family, such as hiking and seeing a wide variety of wildlife. When you go to the park, you should not miss seeing the Alpine Zone, the biggest section of the park that is made up of alluring ice and rock formations. Banff National Park is the very first park established in Canada. After it was hailed as a UNESCO World Heritage, the number of people visiting the area had subsequently flourished.

A markerBanff National Park -
Banff National Park, 224 Banff Ave, Banff, AB T1L 1C3, Canada
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Banff National Park is Canada's oldest national park, established in 1885 in the Rocky Mountains.

The view of Lake Louise during winter
The view of Lake Louise during winter | Source

Banff National Park's Winter Playground

Banff National Park is probably the most visited place during winter season because of its snow caped playground surrounding the front view of the Alpine Mountains. Visitors can enjoy a great deal of exciting outdoor activities in the place such as snowboarding, ice climbing, and cross country skiing. Among the most popular skiing resorts are the Sunshine Village, Nakiska, and Norquay. During winter season Lake Louise will also freeze forming the most magnificent site for skating activities. You would be amaze of the number of people who gather in the place just to marvel its magnificent setting and enjoy a daylong of skating activities with friends and families.

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The bluish ambiance of Fairmont Health Spa
The bluish ambiance of Fairmont Health Spa | Source

Banff Hot Springs and Historic Hotel

Whether it is summer or winter season, the hot springs and hotels at Banff are open all year round to welcome tourists from all corners of the world. Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel is just one of the best places in Canada where you can stay. Established in 19th century, this hotel has preserved its splendid aura above the Bow Falls, greeting tourist with its Scottish Baronial setting. It also offers the best panoramic view of the Banff Springs Hotel which is one of the town’s premier attractions. After a daylong of fun outdoor activities, you may relax at the outdoor thermal pool of Banff Upper Hot Springs. The place is also buffed with a cafeteria and gift shop so you can satisfy your stomach with delish foods and bring home some souvenirs.

Handy Tip when Visiting Canada

Although it may seem as if you had enough, you won’t be able to grasp the entirety of visiting Canada without taking a joyride to Jasper where you can see the breathtaking view of the famous Columbia Ice Fields. Before going to the place, it has been accustomed for many tourists to book their flights and arrange car rentals so they can only enjoy the best of the bests. When visiting Canada, the World Traveler Dreams would be a great resource of information on how you can get around the place.


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