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Visiting Eastern Asia

Updated on August 27, 2013

Eastern Asia is a very cultural region, and consists of Hong Kong, Japan, North and South Korea, Macau, Mongolia, Taiwan, Tibet, and People's Republic of China. There is something to do for the entire family in Eastern Asia, and will have such a fantastic time, you will not want to leave.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong is situated in East Asia, and there is something to do for the entire family, in this quaint area. Hong Kong's highest ranked tourist attraction is the ever so famous Skyline. Also Hong Kong is the home to the largest light and sound show in the entire world, is something you do not want to miss. Nan Lian Garden which is conveniently located in Hong Kong, and is known as one of the most beautiful places within Hong Kong. Hong Kong is one of those vacations that you do not want to miss.


Japan is one of those places, that is enriched in ancient culture, and is one of the most loved vacation spots. Japan is the home of many different castles, and millions of different people come all over the world to take tours in these beautiful castles. Also is the home of the ever so popular Ghiblli Museum, and people can actually take tours nowadays, but this is a dream vacation, you do not want to miss out on this fantastic vacation.

North Korea

North Korea is another place that is located in East Asia, and there many different things to keep you busy while you are visiting this historical place. North Korea is extremely controlled by the government, which is why it is not a very popular place to vacation. North Korea has a state Circus which is one of the most popular attractions within North Korea, but also North Korea is the home of the ever so famous Mount Kumgang. Mount Kumgang is a mountain, that has the most amazing view you will ever see, and you will have a great time while vacationing in North Korea.

South Korea

South Korea is the twentieth most visited Country in the World, and has something for the entire family to enjoy. South Korea is the home of the most most amazing skyscrapers, national parks, Buddhist temples, and even palaces. South Korea is very rich in culture, and is absolutely gorgeous, so take lots of pictures while visiting South Korea.


Macau is located within East Asia, and is the last remaining colony within East Asia. Macau Peninsula is the most popular place in Macau, and is always surrounded by thousands of People. The Macau Peninsula is where they hold most of there events, and is the top tourist attraction within Macau. Macau has some pretty awesome nightlife as well, and has many hiking trails all over the Country.


Mongolia is a Country located in East Asia, and is an extremely popular vacation spot. Mongolia is home of the amazing Terelj National Park, and it is absolutely stunning. Mongolia also has the Gobi Desert, which has the dynamic landscape you will ever see. I would take lots of picture if vacationing in this beautiful Country.


Taiwan is located in East Asia, and there is something to do for the entire family as this popular destination spot. Taiwan has tons of beautiful national parks, and is famous for its extremely beautiful mountainous scenery. Taiwan is a vacation of a lifetime, and will make you wanting more.


Tibet is located within East Asia, and is one of the highest region on Earth, which elevates more then sixteen thousand feet. Tibet is a very historical region in the world, and is the home to some of the biggest Monasteries in the World. Tibet has the most beautiful lakes you will ever see, and is a very popular tourist destinations for couples.

East Asia is extremely beautiful and historical place to vacation, and there is something to do for the entire family. East Asia is one of the more popular destination spots for people all over the world, and if you love to learn about history, this is the place to come.


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    • Nancy Owens profile image

      Nancy Owens 3 years ago from USA

      Very interesting, and it has beautiful photographs that tell the reader what this country and surrounding area look like.

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