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Visiting Floyd Lamb State Park in Las Vegas

Updated on February 11, 2014

Floyd Lamb State Park - A desert oasis

Amid the arid climate and dust that surrounds all of Las Vegas is an oasis now known as Floyd Lamb State Park. Although the cottonwood trees and manicured green grass may seem like a man-made creation and out of place, it's actually been there for thousands of years and was popular with people during the Pleistocene era.

The modern history of the area of Floyd Lamb State Park dates back hundreds of years. Tule Springs served as a preferred watering hole for prospectors heading west along with native americans. Chances are it was the site of a few clashes at one point or another. John Herbert Nay filed for water rights at the spring in 1916 and built a blacksmith shop and acquired land in the area. He sold it twelve years later and Jacob Goumond built a dude ranch on the property. The ranch became a haven for divorcees who would stay at the ranch for six weeks and then file divorce papers (Nevada's 6 weeks law was the shortest in the country, and potential divorcees had to live apart for that time before they could file for divorce). The ranch became very popular with divorcing male movie stars from Hollywood.

Eventually, the land was bought by the state of Nevada in the 1960's and turned into a state park named after a former senator from the state.  

What is there to do at Floyd Lamb State Park?

Located about 20 miles from the Las Vegas Strip, Floyd Lamb State Park offers walking and bicycling paths and plenty of picnic areas. The cost is just $1 per person, or $6 for a car. It's open all year round. If you have your own car you can drive there by taking US 95 north past Ann Rd. There will be signs guiding you to the park. It's also rather easy to get a cab to drive you there and the fare shouldn't be too unreasonable. I've written another guide to the taxis in Las Vegas that will be helpful when estimating the fare.  

There are four ponds at Floyd Lamb State Park, and each one is stocked with fish. If you have a Nevada fishing license you can fish in any of the ponds and take 3 total per person. There are some really nice rainbow trout in those ponds, and if you bring your supplies you can even clean it, prep it, and barbecue it on site.   


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