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Visiting Jackson Hole, WY

Updated on March 29, 2016

Jackson Hole, WY

My husband and I decided to take a trip to visit his brother's family in Wyoming in late April 2013. Our intention was to spend 3 days with family and then explore Wyoming for the following week. After doing a little research we decided on Jackson Hole as our final destination. I have always loved pictures of the barn above, with the Grand Tetons in the background - although, at the time, I didn't know where the barn actually was, or what mountain range was in the background. After a stop to the Jackson Visitor Center and a chat with the wonderful people working there - we were off to find the barn for ourselves and I was able to take my very own pictures of it! It's not far out of town and is extremely easy to find.

An odd fact for you, that we have learned from watching Aerial America recently - French trappers are credited with naming the three main peaks know as the South, Middle and Grand Teton. There is disagreement about where the name came from, but the original name is proposed to have been “Les Trois Tetons,” or “The Three Breasts.” The Grand Teton literally translates to "the large teet".

Grand Teton National Park

Timing is Key

We are not "crowd people" and by sheer, dumb luck, we picked the perfect time to be there! It was late April and the summer season had not yet started. Restaurants and hotels were all offering deals in order to entice visitors to their establishments! This included an amazing steak dinner (buy one, get one free) at a wonderful restaurant on the north side of the town square (right across from the famous Antler Arch that is always shown in stories about Jackson Hole).

We spent a great deal of time driving through Grand Teton National Park. On day 1 we met a friendly War Vet from Montana who goes to the park every year (for months at a time) and sleeps out of the back of his truck to see the bears as they come out of hibernation. He included us in his bear watching activity and we spent a lot of time watching the two siblings in this picture as they were getting braver on their ventures out (momma bear was never too far behind).

Where am I? Jenny Lake

Lakes of Grand Teton National Park

There are many lakes in Grand Teton National Park - the picture above is just one of our hikes to one of the lakes. The Jackson Lake is the most prolific lake, often featured in pictures showing the reflection of the mountains, but that is not the lake in our picture. This picture is Jenny Lake, which also has a lodge, but the lodge wasn't yet opened during our visit. The lake and the hike around it were beautiful...I highly recommend hikes at both Jenny Lake and Taggart Lake - but at this time of year, don't forget to take your bear spray!

Celebs in Jackson Hole

Due to favorable tax structures - not to mention amazingly beautiful scenery - there are a number of celebrities that call Jackson Hole home. A few include Christy Walton (from the Wal-mart family), Forrest and John Mars (from the Mars candy company), Vice President Dick Cheney and Tiger Wood's ex-wife Elin. For movie lovers, Harrison Ford and Sandra Bullock also have homes in Jackson Hole. I am sad to disappoint that I had no celeb sightings while there!


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