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Venetian Fun in the Sun: Lido di Jesolo

Updated on August 4, 2014
Jesolo Strand
Jesolo Strand | Source

Things to Do

Sun, Fun, and Food!

Thinking about visiting Venice this summer?

Well ... as a one time Veneto resident, I can personally vouch that there's more to do in Veneto than just Venice!

One of my favorite old haunts, while living in Italy was a beachside town just a twenty minute drive northeast of Venice called Lido di Jesolo, a vacation destination among Italians, especially Venetians, and those visiting from other European countries. Jesolo is a quaint stretch of sandy beach, which quite frankly reminds me of a picturesque likeness to Cartagena, Colombia.

Popular amongst the younger crowds, Jesolo is not only a beach, but a haven for clubbing. Discotecas and restaurant bars stretch alongside the beach, and are boundless up and down the main boulevard until the wee morning hours. Tourists flock here to bask in the sun, shop in the many art boutiques, and savor seafood delights in the local restaurants.

Panorama View

Jesolo, Veneto, Italia
Jesolo, Veneto, Italia | Source
Ein bekantes Hotel in Jesolo
Ein bekantes Hotel in Jesolo | Source

Cultural Tips

Please remember that cultural standards at the beach are very liberal.

Topless sunbathers mix among the crowd, and it is quite a common scene. If you are a conservative, especially an American, I would like to forwarn you that it is not polite to stare with outrage or even strange fascination. However, there is nothing wrong with healthy appreciation, but don't let that look last too long because then it eventually becomes an offense.

You may find the high peak of season in the month of August. Most Europeans travel within this month while on vacation, and it is not uncommon to find plenty of Germans, Spaniards, or Eastern European crowds during the height of "Agosta de Ferria".

Aside from Jesolo, there is so much more to do and see in Veneto. To the west are the cosmopolitan cities of Padua, Vicenza, Verona and Milano, to the south, Firenze and Roma, and to the north, there is always the border of Austria and the beautiful scenery of the Alps.

Nearby Attractions

The Basilica Palladiana (Piazza dei Signori, Vicenza, Italy)
The Basilica Palladiana (Piazza dei Signori, Vicenza, Italy) | Source

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