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Visiting Kuwait

Updated on November 24, 2012

I am trying to figure out how Kuwait projected its economy like a laser beam. I am convincing myself that it must be its abundant resources of oil, gas and other natural resources that opened the opportunity to become one of the wealthiest nations in the world. Perhaps, it is one of the key factors. But I believe that there are more reasons why this country has gone that far.

I usually go out during my day off. I prefer to ride on a bus more than any form of transportation and I am always seated near the windows. I just love to look at angles. Observing the flow of vehicles, I came to realize that Kuwait has very well organized roads and highways that give a sense of convenient driving. Not much of traffic and everything is smoothly gliding. The expressways are put in their ideal places, roundabouts and U-turns are well planned. Lanes for buses are strictly followed and small ones too. It prevents cars from being stocked in one place. The parking lots, the streets and other channels are convenient to drive in. I also appreciate the traffic enforcement team for implementing a very strict policy regarding driving, traffic rules and other behaviors while on the road.

On the sides are artistically sculptured trees, well- trimmed plants, beautiful color combinations of blossoming flowers, fountains on parks that display a majestic view at night, well designed buildings, blue waters in the ocean, yachts, luxury cars along the highway etc. These are things that make me more appreciative of nature and human arts.

I also admire the way people in Kuwait preserve their culture. The dresses of both men and women symbolize purity and chastity, parents along with their children praying together, molding their children to become religious persons stresses unity. Their music is also one of my concerns because the created styles of songs give a feeling of liveliness, optimism and humor while other songs are soul consoling. Everyone who listens would appreciate the melody. I have also seen some Kuwaiti arts exhibited in some galleries. The paintings, sculptures, canvasses and photos portray a lot of Kuwaiti customs, traditions and cultures. They are really unique and beautiful. By taking a glance at some arts, you will know what Kuwait had in the old times and what brought it to where it is right now.

The Civil ID system is very commendable. I think this is ideal for every country that aims to have well-organized procedures, security and easy access to every individual living in its property and premises. With the growing numbers of unpleasant spirits, everyone is secured and doesn’t need to worry about any violence, threat and other malicious intents before them.

The things stated above are only some of my observations and I must say that Kuwait has shown an example of an ideal country, a beautiful place to live in, everyone is safe and secured. Bad deeds have no space and worries are pushed aside. Opportunities are thick and living the dream you dream is possible. I therefore conclude that it’s not only the oil depots that made Kuwait rich but its disciplined, law abiding leaders and local people who showed perseverance, cooperation, unity, patience and shared ambitions to reach their dream of living in a country standing strong and firm.


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