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Visiting New Liskeard, Ontario: a scenic Waterfront along Lake Temiskaming

Updated on July 13, 2012
Provincial flag of Ontario
Provincial flag of Ontario | Source
Boardwalk along Lake Temiskaming, New Liskeard
Boardwalk along Lake Temiskaming, New Liskeard | Source
New Liskeard waterfront from the air.
New Liskeard waterfront from the air. | Source
New Liskeard, Ontario,
New Liskeard, Ontario, | Source
Map location of the City of Temiskaming Shores, Ontario
Map location of the City of Temiskaming Shores, Ontario | Source

A superb lakeside situation

New Liskeard in Northern Ontario, formerly a separate administrative entity, forms part of the City of Temiskaming Shores, incorporating also Haileybury and Dymond.

It is situated at the mouth of the Wabi River (1). New Liskeard has a Waterfront along Lake Temiskaming.

A marina exists at New Liskeard, which may be seen in one of the photos which I have supplied. This marina has berthing space for 106 small vessels.

The New Liskeard Waterfront is also a regular venue for a local farmers' market.

An inn supplies accommodation at the Waterfront. Copious accommodation facilities are also available close to Highway 11 on the northern outskirts of New Liskeard.

The City of Temiskaming Shores has a population of over 10,000, and although this is small by Southern Ontario standards, other centres of population in Northern Ontario such as North Bay and Timmins at at distance of 159 and 207 kilometres respectively, so, at least relatively speaking, it is a fairly major centre of population for its area of north-eastern Ontario. There are also developed retail opportunities, and it is not unusual to see vehicles registered in neighbouring Quebec coming on shopping trips to New Liskeard.

The northern latitude of New Liskeard provides for a fairly short summer, and this may be part of the reason why New Liskeard as a vacation destination, with its Waterfront and marina, and accommodation facilities, has not become more popular with visitors. But it might be said also that this factor can be turned to advantage: an attractive location with these opportunities is also relatively uncrowded, possibly a meaningful factor for Ontarians and others otherwise accustomed to more sought after vacation spots.

July 13, 2012


(1) Prior to 1894, New Liskeard was known as Wahbe Settlement, the spelling derived from a different rendition of this river's name. (Another point of somewhat more personal interest: many years ago, my father-in-law once fell into the Wabi River: but this is another story... .)

Also worth seeing

In New Liskeard itself, the Little Claybelt Homesteaders' Museum has family history research facilities and various artifacts recalling local, pioneer days.

Devil's Rock , near Haileybury , Ontario (distance: 8.7 kilometres) is an awe-inspiring rock outcrop, which overlooks Lake Temiskaming.

Notre-Dame-du-Nord , Quebec (distance: 27.2 kilometres); another vacation spot on Lake Temiskaming, with a fossil centre museum and an annual Truck Rodeo (French: Rodéo du camion ).


How to get there: Air Canada flies from Toronto Pearson Airport to North Bay Airport, where car rental is available. From North Bay, take Highway 11 north to New Liskeard . Some facilities may be withdrawn without notice. Please check with the airline or your travel agent for up to date information.

MJFenn is an independent travel writer based in Ontario, Canada.


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