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Visiting Singapore

Updated on December 17, 2014

Merlion at Sentosa

Merlion at Sentosa
Merlion at Sentosa | Source

What to do in Singapore

Singapore is nice, clean, safe and secure. It is also a great place for FITs. It is also a great place to do urban tourism activities, because all the attractions are man-made. But you cannot expect to do certain ecotourism and intense nature related activities like in Thailand and Laos in Asia.

But youngsters like me mostly enjoy doing urban tourism and shopaholics will be addicted to Singapore's incredible malls. Singapore is indeed the gateway to Southeast Asia. We usually make our transits in Singapore; you must spend some time to stroll around in Singapore.

So what to do in Singapore, here's some of my favorites.

My favorite place in Singapore is Sentosa Island.

There're a lot of themed parks and a lot of fun activities to undertake. It is a heaven for people with festive spirit. There's Universal studio, Underwater world, MegaZip Adventure Park, Sea Aquarium and Golf courses.

Universal Studios Singapore

Universal Studios Singapore
Universal Studios Singapore | Source

Universal Studio Singapore

The Universal Studio Singapore is the second universal themed park open in Asia. There are seven theme zones with its own attractions. You can enjoy rides, movies, live shows and other entertainment at the theme park. Such an incredible place for photo shoots. Gee, things are pretty expensive there!

Sentosa Island, Singapore

Bak Ku Te

Bak Ku Te
Bak Ku Te | Source

Sea Aquarium

The entry fees are 35 SGD per person but there are special discounts for children under 12 and senior citizens. I'm so lucky as I confronted with an exhibition for Zheng He who sailed several places. There exhibited artifacts of his route starting from China. After looking around these artifacts, I finally got into a theatre (big ship) which is branded as "Typhoon theatre". Before we all could get in the theatre, there was a short video which is a history of Zheng He why he decided to sail and start the journey. The last scene of that video was Zheng He got onboard and then after we all went in the theatre. In the theatre, a 5D affected video was displayed. No kidding, I even felt like I am on a ship on storm. Just like watching 5D without spectacles, the stools weren't even shaking but the video effects are incredible. It was just 20mins show. No more entry fees are charged as it already contained in the ticket fees for the aquarium. I had to line up for that show, but it worth indeed. Cameras were not allowed and toddlers and senior citizens and people with sick were restricted due to thunder lights and sounds.

If you wish there are souvenir shops, but prices are sky-high you could say.

After looking around the aquarium, your tummy might alarm for a good place to dine. Just walk a few steps outside the aquarium, there're a lot of restaurants around there, including hard-rock café. But I recommend you for a meal at Malay Street. It is the reminiscence of Malaysia's night out. The place is prepared to be just like the streets of Malaysia nighttime. Grab a Bak-Ku-Teh with Clay Pot Chicken would be perfect match. (Bak-Ku-The is a pork soup cooked with several Chinese herbs and mushrooms. It is said that Bak-Ku-Teh is good for health.)

Visiting Sentosa

Then take a walk to Sentosa Casino. The entry fee is free for foreigners but 100 SGD for citizens. People say the interior decorations are fascinating. But I still don't know how the Casinos are like. (Under 21 is not eligible.)

When you are in Singapore, you must visit at least to Merlion. There are two merlion statues in Singapore. But the one is Sentosa is the big and you can go up. It is a mythical creature combining fish and lion. It is 38 meters tall. Bring your best camera and take the picture!

There's a monorail operating on the Sentosa. It's free and you can have a chance to see the Merlion from the nearest distance. Don't forget to get a ride on it!

Beaches along the Sentosa

Siloso Beach and Palawan Beach are all that I remember. The beaches are well-reserved and the sun, the sand and the sea always make me love the beaches. There are some free beach buggies operating. Needless to say, it is such an awesome place to get sunbath.

The Esplanade

The Esplanade
The Esplanade | Source

The Esplanade

Its nickname is durian. The building indeed looks like a durian. If you are a music lover, don't think twice to visit there. My visit to Esplanade was great as I confronted with a free a cappella show. Their voice, the rhythm, the melody and harmony still remind me of Esplanade.

Go up the roof top of Esplanade, there you can enjoy the breathtakingly view of Singapore.

Must Visit Places

The Singapore Flyer

The Singapore Flyer is the tallest ferris wheel in the world. It stands at the Marina Promenade. You can overview Singapore's attractions.

Gardens on the Bay

Gardens on the Bay is a public park near the Marina Barrage which is a dam. It was built for the concept of sustainability and conservation of environment and to love and value the nature. There are the different species of tropical plants found in the area and the giant tree-like structures called Supertrees. Visitors can stroll along an elevated walkway between the Supertrees.

Enjoy a morning leisurely stroll at the Botanic Gardens. It was built on 52 hectares of land with many specimens of flora found in nicely manicured gardens.

Some Must Do Activities

One of the best tourism activities to perform is taking a river taxi along the Singapore River. You can enjoy the spectacular views of Merlion, Boat and Clarke Quay and Marina Bay.

Must do a food tour! In this case, you must visit to East Coast Park. Every Singaporean come to dine and relax there. The food there is out of the world. The feeling of being in East Coast Park cannot be described with words. Shark Fin soup is not that expensive there. If you are going there on weekend evenings, you better take public transport. I had to wait about an hour just to get a parking space, then again, had to wait a long time just to get a table.

Singapore is also known as a Shopper's paradise. Indeed, the best activity to do there is shopping. Where to do?

Vivo City

It is the largest shopping mall at the Harbour Front. There are hundreds of shops, restaurants and entertainment centres. Another gold-digging place but worth to visit.

Orchard Road is the must place to visit. Every first time visitor to Singapore MUST take a walk along Orchard Road. It has major shopping malls and entertainment centers and it is a paradise for a shopaholic.

My absolute favorite place of all time to visit in Singapore is Marina Bay Sands. It is one of the biggest tourist attractions in Singapore. You should not miss three monstrous towers on which a boat is placed upon these towers. The architecture is fabulous. It has a hotel, a casino, a shopping mall, restaurants, museums and theatres. A lot of branded fashion boutiques will indeed dig your money. Prada, Channel, Victoria's Secret, Burberry, Mont Blac…… such kinds of luxurious goods will make money jump out of your pocket. There're some boats operating along the man-made creek inside the MBS. There's a coffee shops nearby. It is such so romantic to spend some time with your dear sipping coffee gazing Singapore's lifestyle.

If you want to go up the rooftop (Sky Park) of MBS, you need to buy tickets which cost 23 SGD per person. Is that worth to go up the rooftop? Well, I don't swear on that. There's a rooftop fabulous swimming pool which is not permitted to public access. Only hotel guests can go there. Besides, there's a small restaurant. If you really love to take photos, it is indeed a fabulous place. But if you are in budget trip, why to spend 23 SGD? Just go buy a pair of jeans!

Have a great time in Singapore!

Marina Bay Sands

Marina Bay Sands
Marina Bay Sands | Source

Infinity Swimming Pool of Marina Bay Sands

Infinity Swimming Pool of Marina Bay Sands
Infinity Swimming Pool of Marina Bay Sands | Source

Interior of Marina Bay Sands

Interior of Marina Bay Sands
Interior of Marina Bay Sands | Source

Orchard Road

Orchard Road
Orchard Road | Source

Peninsular Plaza

Peninsular Plaza
Peninsular Plaza | Source

Casino Sentosa

Casino Sentosa
Casino Sentosa | Source

Burmese Buddhist Temple

Burmese Buddhist Temple
Burmese Buddhist Temple | Source

Malay Street

Malay Street
Malay Street | Source

Sky Train Around Resort World

Sky Train Around Resort Word
Sky Train Around Resort Word | Source


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