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Visiting Valley of Fire State Park from Las Vegas, Nevada

Updated on November 4, 2010

Check out the beauty of Valley of Fire State Park

Valley of Fire State Park is the oldest state park in all of Nevada. It was first dedicated in 1935. Located just 50 miles from Las Vegas, the beautiful mix of rock formations and desert life has made it the ideal filming location for dozens of TV shows and movies. The desert scene in the movie Domino was filmed here, for instance. Ever wondered where the secret location of Airwolf really was? Nope, it's not really Valley of the Gods, it was Valley of Fire. Captain Kirk met his death in Valley of Fire in Star Trek Generations. So you see, this is not just a great place to look at nature and petroglyphs that are thousands of years old; it's also like a little piece of Hollywood.

What is there to do at Valley of Fire?

If you plan on visiting Valley of Fire, it's suggested you do so during the fall or spring seasons. The winters are generally mild but there is some occasional snow. Summers are absolutely brutal, with temperatures often reaching 120 degrees. Unless you are adequately prepared, you don't want to go hiking or camping when it's that hot.

Hiking and camping are the most common activities in the park, along with taking pictures of just about everything. There are no designated bike trails, so you'll have to ride your bicycles along the motorways that wind through the park.

There is a nominal entrance fee of $10 and camping fee of $20 per night for Valley of Fire State Park. This fee helps to pay for park maintenance to make sure it's kept in pristine condition for generations to come. Nevada state park passes are accepted. Electrical hookups are available on some camp sites for an additional $10 per night.

You should know that food and snacks are not sold within the park, so you'll need to bring your own (and be prepared to take anything out that you bring in). The town of Overton on Lake Mead is just 14 miles away and offers restaurants, a gas station, and other supplies you might require.

Overall, I think a visit to Valley of Fire State Park makes for a more economical trip when compared to going all the way to the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas, which is actually hours away. Other alternative trips for nature lovers in Sin City are Springs Preserve and even a trip to the Hoover Dam is not that far and offers incredible natural views (if you ignore the fact that the Hoover Dam itself is pretty much mankind stomping its foot on nature). 


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    7 years ago

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