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Visit To the Maritime Museum

Updated on April 24, 2009

Maritime Museum

My Fiancé and I visited the Star of India at the Maritime Museum down in San Diego. We were lucky enough to talk to one of the crew who actually took care of the ship and sailed on the vessel out on the open sea. He told us about how the Star of India is the worlds oldest active ship and that its body is made of iron rather than wood like most ships of its time. We enjoyed our conversation with the crew member, he was able to open our minds and enlighten us to how life was on the open sea aboard a cargo ship and a transport vessel.
    At the Maritime Museum, the Star of India was the biggest vessel there, it was an amazing site to see. When we parked the car across the street I could see the ship. It was very exciting to finally walk onto the old eighteenth century ship. It has always been one of my childhood dreams. I enjoy old time technology, it is and has been very interesting to me. When I stepped on board the Star of India I was like a very excited kid in a candy shop. If my Fiancé wasn’t with me, I would have checked out every inch of that vessel but she didn’t enjoy it as much as I did.  I was so excited I couldn’t control myself. I just wanted to cut it loose from the dock and take it out to the open sea.  My Fiancé was very nervous,  she didn’t like walking the narrow corridors and disliked the steep stairs.
    The Star of India was one of the most beautiful boats I have seen except for the woman I have fallen in love with of course.  The Star of India had a very hard life. The crew member named Philip dressed as a pirate shared a lot of information with us about the boat. It was one of the most advanced ships back in the Eighteen hundreds but when the nineteenth century came around the vessel was used to transport fishermen to the Baring sea and during the spring the vessel sailed back to California with canned salmon. By 1923 depression set in causing neglect to the Star and soon after that World War II came along as well and the Star wasn’t a major priority. The Star sat in a harbor for over three decades causing decay and rust to the ship.
    It was not until 1957 that the Star caught the eye of the people in San Diego. Money started pouring in for the restoration of this gallant ship. Restoration started on the Star and by 1976 the Star would finally have another taste of the open sea. This Fantastic ship was sea worthy once again and in gorgeous condition. Now the ship was back to its formal glory and was admired by the public once again.
    The Star sits to be admired by the public with the price of a small fee at the Maritime Museum in San Diego. The Ship stands tall and proud when seen from far away with its wide spread sails taking up the sky. This ship is the pride of the museum and if you visit the museum you will see why.
    This was the most fun I have had when it comes to doing a school project. It was a life changing experience, I had not only visited a big city without my parents but I was able to step back into history. After walking around the ship, my Fiancé and I agreed that it was an enjoyable time walking in the footsteps of history. We both also agreed that  it made us both very hungry as well. After our adventure on the Star of India, we went  over to the Hard Rock Café and had a very nice lunch. Our day was pretty much over by the time we finished eating. We were tired and exhausted from doing our school work so we walked back to the car, waved goodbye to the beautiful majestic Star of India which was perfectly positioned in front of a setting sun. I just have to say that my last sight of the ship was a perfect ending to a Wonderful day!
    Our day was a lot of fun and I would do it again in a heart beat. This project has opened my eyes and I know that I will be visiting many more museums in the months and years to come. It gets me out of the house and it is enjoyable. 


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