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What Happens When a Traveler Comes Back Home

Updated on May 20, 2019
Wild Darius profile image

Dario is a Philosophic Romantic Spanish traveler that understands traveling as a form of learning and developing oneself.

There’s always a dark side of going Into The Wild. We travel in space but it also feels like we travel in time. Whether we like it or not, a month On The Road is like half a years in common reality. Imagine for the ones that we travel longer periods. When we go home, coming from a trip, we go straight back to the City of Lights and I can tell you is hard, freaking hard.

Not many of us talk about it because we always try to point out the romantic side of the journey, or because we are afraid of the words we say can be misunderstood. That’s why I’m embracing this question. People have to know how hard it is for us, the adventures, the brave travelers, the idealized people, to come back home and once they know the can maybe understand a little bit how we feel about it, or at least accept it.

I call upon all the Traveler's mothers and fathers to be tolerant and open-minded about your daughters or sons once they come home from traveling (I mean the real traveling and not a month in Thailand drinking and partying).

Mum, you have to understand that when we are in our Hometown we are back to where everything started and I tell you, at least by my point of view, we mostly decided to travel because we needed to run away from something, to escape from our fears and problems that have its origins in the place we call Hometown.

We can go to the most remote isolated island on the surface of the earth or even travel to space and land in Saturn, but our backpack full of shit will follow us all the way.

That’s Not 100% True

Actually, our problems are always within us but they are hidden somewhere inside ourselves. However, they arise in harsh challenging environments and one of the harshest and challenging environments are our Hometowns.

Hence, remember that It was the journey that brought you home. The only way to overcome our fears and solve our problems is by starting a trip inside ourselves. We can go to the most remote isolated island on the surface of the earth or even travel to space and land in Saturn, but our backpack full of shit will follow us all the way.

"I now live in a way that life is filled up with infinite opportunities and options."

— Wild Darius

The Journey Is Beautiful but You Have to Understand That...

Travelers are men and women of no-mans land. We see the earth as our playground to fulfill our dreams and live a life within or ideals of adventure and true relationships. We are students of something bigger than “human” and “being” or “school” and “university”.

We became travelers because, at some point in our existence, we asked ourselves that big question: ‘What there is out there?’ And we decide to go and seek for an answer.

In my case, sometimes I don’t even know what is it that I’m looking for. Perhaps, I don’t search for anything anymore. But it doesn’t mean I get nothing when I don’t search for anything. However, I have found out that I get much more when I’m not traveling for anything in particular but just for the art of traveling.
Philosophically saying, I get everything I need when I don’t look but see, when I don’t talk but I speak and when I don’t hear but listen. My way to see many “common” things literally changes so much that when I come back home I can’t explain it.

It feels strange to leave as myself and come back as another person which is also myself. It creates resistance, especially in family terms and with old relationships. They usually wait to see a person that is not there anymore.

My friends believed I had to go to see a psychiatrist because I was losing my mind. They couldn’t know that my mind had been already lost and found many times already. That I was living in a different reality and I was seeing a completely new existence. I now live in a way that life is filled up with infinite opportunities and options.

Sunset at the top of Mount Catí, Petrer, Alicante (Spain)
Sunset at the top of Mount Catí, Petrer, Alicante (Spain)

What Happens When the Road Brings You Back Home? How Can You Live in the Past After You Become Future?

As you can imagine, I don’t have a nice time when I’m back in my home town. I don’t belong there and my mind and body know it and they struggle and feel out of place. They create resistance. But I don’t let my fear take control and instead of running away, I face my fears by going back home, because where there’s fear there’s growth.

By investigating, I found out that most of the Travelers have similar feelings. They resist coming home because of this particular sensation. (It is just a feeling.)

I got some tips for those that face similar situations that happen to work for me and I want to share them with you. You decide whether to use them or not.
As I said, the only way to overcome your fears and solve your problems is to come back home and face it, since the answer is always been there, inside yourself. Hence, is also a way to see if you have succeeded in the task of finding what you were looking for.

Here some of my tips to make the experience of going back to your Hometown a great journey:

  1. Face your fears: You are now powerful enough to face them. Ask yourself; what is what you didn’t do before because you were afraid of it but you really wanted to do it? Once you find an answer, take action! If you don’t find anything try doing something fun but very daring.

  2. Talk to your family: They know you since you were born but you need to show them that their little boy is no more there. Talk to them but remember: Actions are more powerful than words.

  3. Don’t close yourself: Ask for help and support if you need it. Don’t fall in the Ego game and don’t believe yourself more special than others. You are special as they are too. The difference is they don’t understand it yet. You understand it for it is your duty to help them Show them their hidden potential.

  4. Don’t run away: “A warrior faces his problems even naked and never runs away for he knows there’s nothing he can’t overcome.”

  5. Show up: Don’t give yourself for granted and fall in the old patterns that brought you to run away. Get out of the crowd and break those old patterns creating new and healthier one or just implementing them. Keep on growing.

  6. Inspire: Feed your surroundings with the knowledge you understood and show it to other people, especially those more close to you. Tell your stories if they ask for in a way that shows it is possible for them to live their dreams too.

  7. Forget about the misery: Shit happens to all of us many times while we are abroad and it’s fine to speak up openly about but don’t make it the main topic. We have some many cool and awesome stories and beautiful experiences to tell. Use those ones so you feed the minds that are listening with the same opportunities you see now and not with fear and mind-crap.

  8. Realize how much do they love you: This an extension of don’t close yourself but it deserves a remark because of its importance. Many of those people you left behind they really love you. Listen and observe without judging and you will realize how much they do so. You will see how much you love them too.

“A warrior faces his problems even naked and never runs away for he knows there’s nothing he can’t overcome.”
“A warrior faces his problems even naked and never runs away for he knows there’s nothing he can’t overcome.”

The Real Traveling

In the end, we are all travelers of life and life is everywhere, wherever we go we encounter life and our Hometowns are not an exception. I used to be scared of coming back home until I understood that “The doors of heaven are inside one’s heart and mind and not anywhere outside.”

I hope after reading this you get to understand it too.

© 2019 Dario Navarro


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