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Updated on June 1, 2010



Always best I think to admit personal deficiencies before others identify them. This is never more true than when I view the heated debates that airport development and expansion bring to our attention.

Living in Essex, we are poised to view two such situations here and now, as Stansted and London- Southend, {quaint name I know} Airports, have taken the stage on expansions in recent years.

If you have not located Stansted it is situated above some beautiful countryside, quaint towns such as Thaxted, Saffron Walden and the Mountfitchetts amongst them. There are lovely villages and properties, the heart of middle England and those who aspire to it cluster together. It is so convenient also when these worthy dwellers need to get away for Business or Leisure ,being able to hop on a plane just up the road and get away in two shakes of a lamb"s tale.You would thus think these soles would be the very ones to espouse expansion into the 21 st. Century by making sure the airport goes forward and does not stagnate. Some chance! Ignorant of progress and the path to take, they have banded together, fought an aggressive, indeed impressive campaign and won the battle to avoid a second runway and thus progress.

Their rewards they think are increased prices for their properties and less intrusion from those other tiresome UK nationals who would also like to get away betimes. Some victory, some vision!


Down at Southend, the airport only wants to extend the runway so that flights to further afield may attract operators and their modern fleets of planes to the venue.You would think they were seeking to promote wife beating as a national sport from the cries of outraged residents. Now Southend is a place where progress is to be avoided at all costs. A former Leader of the Council told all that the Town had nothing to fear from Lakeside Shopping Centre as it was too far from the town for people to travel. As a result, the ridiculously long High Street now boasts the best array of Charity and Pound shops for many a mile. Had this town and it"s Leaders had responsibility for Motor Vehicle Registration years ago, a man would still be walking in front of cars with a red flag.

NOT IN MY BACK YARD is the eloquent phrase to link these people and they are strangling the rest of us at every turn. That a lot of the planes flying into Southend are on their last legs or needing maintenance badly or a re-spray to a new logo does not worry them, for as long as it stays as it always has been they rejoice and ignore reasoned argument to the contrary point of view. Progress undeniably is built on change and thus, in terms of air travel etc. this country will face at some future point, a real battle to catch up with the rest. For now we live in NIMBYLAND so we had better get used to it.


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