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What To Do In St. Lucia On Vacation, Extreme Sports, Water Sports, Trips And Tours

Updated on December 17, 2015
Welcome To St Lucia
Welcome To St Lucia

What is there to do in St Lucia ?

The tropical paradise island of St Lucia is similar to a rich playboys luxury island, but without the financial outlay. Every second on St Lucia will be remembered by all intrepid travellers who taste the exoticness of this oasis of beauty situated in a gorgeous part of the world.

A St Lucia holiday can include a half track safari through dense jungles and up steep cliffs where the bumpy tropical ride gets your heart thumping, especially when the half track appears to be close to toppling over a mountain.

Try a bungee jump or even cliff dive into the warm tropical waters, scaring the fish and your lover. For the adrenaline junkie in all of us, a parachute jump over the dense jungle is not to missed. Jump out of a perfectly good aeroplane and trust your life to a piece of silk as you glide over some of the Earths most prestigious landscapes. Or better still, take the mother-in-law up for a jump, parachutes are then classed as optional.

There are hundreds of funtastic, exhilarating, and mind blowing trips to do whilst on your vacation in St Lucia. Cheap St Lucia vacation packages in all inclusive resorts offer excellent facilities and most trips can be booked through the hotel or resort reception.

Tourist Warning: Free Link To:

Poisonous And Venomous Snakes, Spiders And Bugs In The Caribbean

St. Lucia Beaches

WOW !! The beaches in St. Lucia are perfect. Miles of golden sands stretching as far as the eye can see. The warm, crystal clear waters of the Caribbean Ocean lapping gently on the beach as you sip your drink whilst sunbathing. The backdrop to most beaches are forest filled mountains on one side and the deep blue sea on the other.

Water Sports in St Lucia

What is not in St Lucia for water sports simply does not exist. Charter a small boat and treat the kids to a day of sea adventures. Aimlessly guide the boat charter to secret coves and inlets with private beaches. Play pirates and seek underwater treasure, make the mother-in-law walk the plank. Imagination is the key, and this is the ideal place to let your adventurous side run riot.

Deep Sea Fishing

This is a formidable challenge for every angler. Fish for vicious sharks or swordfish off the coast, battle against marine mammals to land that ultimate catch of a lifetime. The deep blue sea in this part of the world holds some mysterious creatures which come to the attention of the worldwide media. Be careful what you end up with on the end of your line. The cheap deep sea fishing trips are excellent value and give adventure to newbies. All fishing gear, bait, food and drinks for the day or night are always included.

Scuba Diving

Learn how to scuba dive and take your first dive into the ocean. Swim with the vibrantly colored marine life as they try to eat the gold from any jewelry that you wear. Go at the right time of year and stay low as a school of hammerhead sharks glide past your head. St Lucia vacations are simply memories that never end.

Jet Skiing

Get some power between you legs and hire a jet ski for a while. This mean machine of the seas is an excellent toy for almost every age. Fun to be on, scary at times, altogether a fantastic part of any holiday.


Surfing dudes will love the waters around ST Lucia. Wave galore on certain beaches make this tropical island a haven for many surfers and their chicks. Strut your stuff in front of the beach babes ( or dudes, your choice ) an entice others into the refreshingly warm waters. Some all inclusive resorts in St Lucia will provide the basic equipment required free of charge, others may charge a small fee.

Wind Surfing

Many of the coves are ideal for wind surfing extravaganzas. Training for this sport and others like scuba diving and surfing are available through the hotel reception. Equipment hire for any water sport is also available along the coast of St Lucia.

Party Time St Lucia
Party Time St Lucia

St Lucia Land Tours And Trips

The volcanic islands of St Lucia have been fought over many times. The Islands have been at war with France fourteen times and constantly switched nationality between English and French depending on who took over the island.

Half Track Tour

This exciting trip take you out in a half track vehicle. Through dense forests, rocky pathways and along cliff edges. The driver occasionally stops and the friendly tour guide will pick fresh green coconuts off of the trees and hand them out to passengers. This tour is a must for people wishing to have a little but not to much excitement. Adding Bacardi rum to the juice of this coconut make a fantastic drink.

Quad Bike Adventures

Hire quad bikes in St Lucia and prepare for an amazing time. Discover locals diving for cover as you roar around forest treks, over small rivers and across the beaches. Quad biking is fantastic and can be carried out by children as young as eight. ( although they do not ask the ages usually )

Horse Riding

Take a gentle ride along a lovely secluded beach in the evening for a romantic interlude to all the fun and excitement. Getting around on horseback is an alternative mode of transport in St Lucia. The infrastructure is great, but horse riding is traditional and much more fun.


Vibrant, electrifying, exotic, and out of this world. The party atmosphere never seems to stop. Many bars and clubs pump out local calypso music as well as modern sounds from oraound the world. All inclusive resorts in St Lucia have their own entertainment area which provide entertainment twenty four hours a day.

Tourist Warning

St Lucia is amazingly beautiful, but there are points that a tourist should know about. Most all inclusive resorts in St Lucia prefer their patrons to remain inside the boundaries of the complex. Crimes such as muggings, personal attacks, and robbery with offensive weapons is on the increase. Always travel at least in pairs or with a group. NEVER take out large sums of money from your pocket and refrain from wearing jewelry in public.


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    • promisem profile image

      Scott Bateman 6 years ago

      My son and I did an ATV tour on St. Lucia. It was really beautiful driving through the back country and along the coast.

      The only downside was that we got absolutely covered in mud. But it was still a blast.

    • profile image

      gogogo 6 years ago

      excellent article, and beautiful photos, made med want to go right now