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Walks Around Cornwall: Pentewan Trail

Updated on June 28, 2017

Flat Places in Cornwall are Hard to Come by!

Living in Cornwall means that there is no shortage of beautiful places to walk, but sometimes, you just want to take a relatively quiet, easy, flat route and that is where the challenge starts, finding a flat, quiet walking route in Cornwall is like finding money. But the Pentewan trail fits the bill in almost every sense, the trail goes from St Austell all the way to Pentewan and there are a few places you can get onto the trail, but I have only ever started in London Apprentice.

Woodland Trust Designated Wildlife Site

But no matter where you get on, you are guaranteed a beautiful walk, you walk through the beautiful King's Wood which is protected and maintained by the Woodland trust and is one of 498 designated wildlife sites in Cornwall. You can see some fascinating flowers and trees, and if you're quiet then you can see some of the hundreds of different forms of wildlife that frequent the area.

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Pentewan, Saint Austell PL26, UK
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Pentewan Trail is a Relatively Easy Walk

It is not a totally flat walk (there is no such thing in Cornwall!) but most of the slopes are relatively mild so even if you do have limited mobility then you should be okay as long as you take it easy. There are plenty of places to stop and rest whilst you admire the scenery too.

Don't Get Lost on the Walk!

There are so many ways that you can go that you need to be careful as it would be very easy to get lost, so try to remember which direction you went, or at least leave a trail of breadcrumbs. I only say this as I have been lost there before and ended up walking a lot further than I intended!

Take Your Dog to Pentewan

It is a great place to walk your dog, and you will see a few people walking their when you go, but the only criticism I have is that there are not very many bins to put dog waste, but I suppose this would spoil the look of the landscape. Please be responsible and pick up after your dog if you do go.

The Ship Inn

If you walk far enough (about 8 miles) you will end up in the amazing fishing village of Mevagissey, or if you happen to stumble upon it, there is a brilliant pub called "The Ship Inn" which serves food if you get hungry.

Take a Walk on the Pentewan Trail

No matter where you start, or which way you walk, you will see some impressive scenery and I would highly recommend it.


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