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What's a great family fun spot in Ohio ? Walnut Creek Farm !

Updated on August 21, 2017

The Honor System

When you arrive at the farm, you are trusted to enter the gift shop and pay your admission charge. There is no ticket booth, but you will need to bring cash. There are no ATM's on the premises and they don't accept credit and debit cards. After paying your entry fee, which may or may not include an optional charge for the wagon ride, you are free to drive around the farm and enjoy the scenery. The cashier will provide you with a few buckets of feed for the animals.

View of the farm
View of the farm | Source

Self-guided tour

If you elect not to take the wagon ride, you will follow the gravel road as it leads you through the wooded areas that are full of animals. Don't be surprised if some of them block your vehicle so that you are forced to roll down the window and feed them. It's a very fun experience to feed wild animals from the confines of your own car.

Vietnamese Pot-bellied pig
Vietnamese Pot-bellied pig | Source

Animals you may encounter on the road

Alpaca and Llama

American Bison

Cattle - Texas Longhorn, Watusi, and Scoth Highland are the most common varieties here

Deer/Elk - Blackbuck, Fallow Deer, Rocky Mountain Elk, White-tail deer

Emu and Ostrich

Giraffe (yes, they ARE kept inside a fence)

Vietnamese Pot-bellied pig


Texas Longhorn Cattle
Texas Longhorn Cattle | Source
American Bison
American Bison | Source

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Giraffe | Source
Zebra | Source

Keep your eyes open

Some of the species are very comfortable around humans and moving vehicles, so they will attempt to stick their heads through the window to get your attention. You may want to keep the windows up until you are ready to feed/pet them.

An ostrich and an emu decide to join us in the van

Don't forget the farmhouse and barn area

You can treat yourself to some freshly baked cookies while you wander through the farmhouse. The floors and furniture are amazing and you may find yourself never wanting to leave. Jams, jellies and various garden foods are available for purchase in the pantry. It's easy to get lost in here if you aren't paying attention.

The Walnut Creek Farmhouse
The Walnut Creek Farmhouse | Source

When you complete your walk around the main house, you can head toward the barns in the rear to see the jersey cows being milked, a few sheep, and a whole slew of roosters.

You have to visit the roosters !

Farm animals galore

If you have kids, or even if you are just one at heart, you will definitely want to visit all of the many farm animals. The goats, sheep, miniature horse, jersey cows and camels are some of the friendliest creatures you will ever encounter. If you don't mind getting a little slobber on your hands, you won't even need to hold out your bucket. The gentle beggars are more than happy to eat from your hands.


Farm animals and caged critters

African Crested Porcupine

African Spur Thigh Tortoise


Birds - Diamond Dove, Sarus Crane, Guinea Fowl, Quail, Pheasants

Dromedary Camels

Goats - African Pygmy, Nubian

Jersey Cows

Miniature Horse

Red Kangaroo


Sicilian donkey

Miniature Horse
Miniature Horse | Source

Ready for lunch or dinner ?

There are no concession stands, so you will need to bring your own food if you plan to stay on the farm all day. Snacks such as candy bars and chips are in the gift shop, but it's up to you to provide your meals and drinks. Bottled water can be purchased in the farmhouse for a dollar if you forgot to bring enough fluids. I recommend enjoying your picnic lunch at the tables in front of the main building. There is plenty of shade and the view of the pond and bridge will have you smiling.

When it's time to say goodbye.... should take one last trip around the main path. The view is different every time because some of the species tend to stay in the shade in the afternoon while others prefer to sit in the water and relax. Plus, you probably have some leftover feed anyway.

Ready for some lunch !
Ready for some lunch ! | Source

After you complete the final route, you can stop by the gift shop to return the buckets and to pick up a souvenir of your visit. There are also genuine Amish products available in the upstairs section. For the fan of the honeybee, there is an enclosed hive where you can watch these little insects go about their daily life.

If you aren't quite ready to go home, you can check out the local attractions.

Nearby Attractions

Dutch Valley gifts - This beautiful three-story building is full of great gifts and souvenirs to remember your visit to Sugarcreek. You can even buy genuine Vera Bradley products here. Located at :1367 Old Route 39
Sugarceek, Ohio 44681
330 852 4926

Carlisle Inn - A gorgeous structure that takes your breath away when you see it, this lovely inn offers spectacular views of the Amish country and is walking distance from several shops.

Der Dutchman restaurant - The popular country kitchen that is in many different Amish communities throughout the Midwest, it boasts a menu of wonderful food and a huge selection of freshly baked pies. Once you eat here, you won't be able to stay away !


Plan your visit to the farm TODAY !


You don't have to be knowledgeable about the Amish to enjoy this place, but you will want to be an animal lover to truly appreciate the visit.

Remember...bring CASH, food and drinks !

I hope you decide to experience this wonderful place in the near future.

Comments and feedback are always welcome

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    • Linda Courtney profile image

      Linda Courtney 

      2 years ago from Bloomsburg, PA

      Thanks for the tour. I've never been to Ohio Amish Country, just Lancaster, PA. Always a wonderful time in the country and delicious food.


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