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Walt Disney World Cruises, Disney Magic Cruise Ship

Updated on September 28, 2010

The Disney Magic Cruise Ship

Of all the cruise lines, The Disney cruise line is the most kid friendly. Walt Disney World is famous not only for their theme parks and movies but also for their fun Disney cruises and cruise ships. The Disney Magic is a fantastic cruise ship that is very family friendly.

The Disney Magic cruise ship can hold 2,400 passengers on a total of 10 decks. At 964 feet long and 106 feet at it's widest point, it has 945 cast and crew members to cater to your every needs. This floating hotel on the sea has an amazing amount of fun activity's for all members of the family.

The Disney cruise line operates out of Port Canaveral, located around 60 miles from Walt Disney World in Orlando. You can take Disney's own cruise shuttle service from the Walt Disney World resort or the Orlando International airport.

There also are several taxi and shuttle companies that have dedicated scheduled trips from the airport and Orlando to Port Canaveral each day. Most people taking a Disney cruise fly into the Orlando International airport.

Walt Disney World cruise ship Magic

Disney cruise ship, The Disney Magic
Disney cruise ship, The Disney Magic

The Disney Magic Cruise Ship Staterooms

You can choose from several different types of staterooms on the Disney Magic cruise ship. In fact there are so many different types it can get confusing! The main differences are the sizes and if it's an inside or ocean view stateroom.

Many of the ocean view staterooms in the Disney Magic have beautiful private verandah's for fantastic views of the scenery. Others have portholes for a view of the ocean. Inside staterooms of course have no direct view of the ocean.

Most staterooms inside the Disney Magic cruise ship are for families that sleep up to 7 people and range from 184 sq. ft. up to a whopping 1,029 sq. ft. of space! Here's a tip when you get a stateroom if you get seasick.

The staterooms to the front and back of the cruise ship have the most movement as the ship goes up and down waves. So pick one that is in the middle of the ship. That part of the ship has the least movement and often none at all.

Fun pools on the top deck of The Disney Magic

The Disney Magic pools
The Disney Magic pools

Activity's Aboard The Disney Magic Cruise Ship

You will never be bored with all the activity's you can find aboard the Disney Magic cruise ship! There are several youth clubs with fun things to do in each one. Some are for teens, others for younger kids and even some for toddlers.

Then you have your pick of many live entertainment shows playing throughout the day and evening. From broadway styled live shows, theater shows that feature both live shows and first run movies to Disney character meet and greet shows there is always a show going on for you!

On deck 9 of the Disney Magic cruise ship you can find 3 beautiful pools to play in. One is for kids, one for families and even a quiet one for adults. All have a fun Disney theme and some have thrilling water slides for the kids. 

The Disney Magic cruise ship also has plenty of spa and fitness activity's. The Vista spa and salon has world class spa and salon treatments of all kinds for you. The fitness center is fully equipped with weights, cardio machines, aerobic and yoga classes.

Finally on deck 10 of the Disney Magic cruise ship you can find the wide world of sports courts. Here you can play basketball, volleyball, kick a soccer ball and more. You can also find ping pong, shuffleboard or even a running track aboard the Disney Magic cruise ship.

Dining aboard the Disney Magic cruise ship

One of the things everyone looks forward to on a cruise is the food! The Disney cruise lines have fantastic foods of all kinds, and the Disney Magic cruise ship has around nine dining areas to choose from.

You can eat freshly prepared food in a large variety of selections. Main dining rooms on the Disney Magic cruise ship include Animator's Palate, Lumiere's, Palo, Parrot Cay and Topside Buffet. Some are made for kids and families while some are for adults.

They also have a pizzeria and several quick service restaurants and snack bars. Whatever your taste in foods, snacks and deserts your sure to find it served on Disney's Magic cruise ship. Special diet menus are also found aboard.

Nightclubs and Bars on The Disney Magic cruise ship

The Disney Magic cruise ship may be kid friendly, but that does not mean they don't have plenty of fun nightclubs and bars for adults! Some allow kids while others are for adults only. You can order your favorite drink at the many full bars at these clubs.

Some of them include Cove Cafe, Diversions, a sports bar, Sessions, a piano bar and more. The Rockin Bar D features live music, a great dance floor and you can even sing Karaoke.

There are several other smaller bars on the Disney Magic cruise ship where you can grab a quick beer or drink while enjoying the ocean view on the top deck.

Disney Magic cruise ship packages and Itineraries

You can book a cruise aboard the Disney Magic for 6,7,8,10,11 and 14 day trips. Most cruises are in the Caribbean and Mediterranean, with a few transatlantic cruises. There are many ports of call stops, including Castaway Cay, Disney's own private island for Disney guest.

The Bahamas is a popular port of call stop cruise, as well as the US Virgin Island's, Barcelona, Cannes, France and many more. A cruise aboard the Disney Magic cruise ship is a once in a lifetime trip for many, so choose your cruise vacation package well.

If your a Disney fan, then a cruise on the Disney Magic is the only way to go with a cruise. Your kids will have the time of their lives with all the Disney characters and Disney themed activity's aboard the Disney Magic.

So if your planning a Disney cruise vacation, check out the Disney Magic cruise ship for the best cruise vacation you'll ever have. Walt Disney World cruise line is the best ever, and the Disney Magic cruise ship may be the most fun ship in the Disney cruise line!


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