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Walt Disney World Ticket Increase/Changes

Updated on February 25, 2013

Ticketing with MyMagic+

Disney World is in the process of changing their ticketing system. This is going to have multiple effects on consumers, especially those looking for good deals.

Each year, Walt Disney World increases their ticket prices. Last year ticket prices went up in June with Disney giving approximately 36 hours' notice before the increase took effect. There are whispers this year, however, that price increases could take effect as soon as April. I find one of the best ways to stay up to date with the pricing is through Mousesavers Newsletter. What an asset this site has proven to be. They send out information the minute changes hit the press!

A big change being implemented by Disney this year is the launch of their new MyMagic+ system. It is felt very likely that once this system is in place and functional across the board, the "No Expiration" option on tickets will be completely phased out. This is a big change for those of us who have relied on this option in the past. The "No Expiration" option has already been removed from Disney's new ticket website as well as removed from the signs at the Disney World ticket booths.

If you're planning a Disney World trip this year, best advice is to buy your park tickets as soon as possible before the price increase. Although the "No Expiration" option is not available, you can still hold your tickets until your trip to the parks. Your tickets are valid for 14 days, starting with the first usage.

Follow along to find out about Disney's new MyMagic+ program which will be implementing wristbands instead of the Key To The World Cards we've all been used to. Also coming, big changes in resort eateries and poolside drink stations as Disney is cracking down on people using prepaid cups from previous trips.


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