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Wanderlust: Why It's Okay to Leave Your Hometown Behind

Updated on June 23, 2014

After graduation, many people travel the world (or at least the country...or maybe just the state) to see other places, look for work, and find a place to settle down. Others either never leave or return and are able to stay, and there's nothing wrong with that. No matter what you do, you should always remain true to yourself while expanding your horizons so as not to get stuck in a rut.
Leaving your hometown is like a rite of passage, as it is time to move on with your life. Most people do this voluntarily and travel to wherever they need to go in order to follow their own path to their dream job. Others have no choice but to leave because there are no jobs or friends in their hometown. It's better to run toward something than away from something, though. You must always look where are you are going, unlike The Fool of the Tarot. The positive representation of that card means travel, but the negative aspect is that he is looking up at the sky and not down at his feet (that's why the dog is trying to stop him from walking off a cliff). It's better to have a goal in mind rather than wandering aimlessly because you felt the need to escape.

Sock-eye salmon leave their homes to spawn, but there are some who never leave; these salmon are considered the loser fish (according to a documentary I had to watch in middle school). Humans who never leave home are also branded with this stereotype. On the other hand, there's nothing wrong with staying in your hometown if you have all that you need and like where you live (provided you are living independently). In that case, take some time to actually explore where you live and go places you haven't seen before. If you can and it's feasible, ride the bus for fun to see where it takes you. Plan a day trip to go somewhere you wouldn't normally. Take time to enjoy your surroundings and the company of the people on the bus. You may even make some new friends.
In conclusion, it is up to you whether you leave or stay in your hometown depending on your situation in life. You have to do what's right for yourself no matter other people may think (which is why you should never pay too much attention to lists on the Internet telling you what you can and cannot do at a certain age). If you're a free spirit, then feel free to wander 'til your heart's content; if you're a homebody, then stay home - but don't be afraid to see more of the world around you.

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Yes, I own an I Heart Wallingford shirt. I'm not bitter or anything...
Yes, I own an I Heart Wallingford shirt. I'm not bitter or anything... | Source


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