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Wanna Visit Peru?

Updated on April 12, 2017

About Peru

As a Peruvian I'm expected to tell wonderful things about my country but as we all know, none country has good things without having bad ones.

First of all, Peru is located in South America and Lima is the capital. Between December and March approximately is where summer takes place, and cold weather starts between June until November. Now you have unless an idea about when to visit Peru.

If you like tempered weather (not so cold-not so hot) Lima is perfect for you, besides is where most tourism takes places. If you’re the type of person that likes heat like you´re in hell, you should probably go to the north. If you like really cold weather, the south is your destination.

About People

Peru is well-known for its hospitality, people willing to help you but don’t get confused.

Here in Peru let’s say the truth, people are kind? Yes. People are willing to help you? Yes. People know English? Not all of them. So you may be wondering why I said don’t get confused. Well, here are my reasons:

- People will help you but not all of them have good intentions. You have to be very careful about who you ask for help, otherwise you can get robbed or something similar.
- Not all people speak other language than Spanish. There are a few minority who do learn another language or improves their English besides the one taught at schools but it doesn’t mean that everyone walking on the street is bilingual.
- People are willing to help you but sometimes they expect something in return (a few dollars for example).

One more time, let me say it pretty clear: NOT ALL PERUVIANS are the ones as described above, but we do have this kind of people. You might not 'run into' them on streets but not everybody is so lucky.

About Taxi Prices

Peruvians are very smart when it comes to money. I will let you know some tips.

Let’s start when you arrive. You’re there, at the airport asking yourself if you should take a taxi inside or outside the airport to your hotel.

Inside the Airport.

There are taxis for sure, but they tell you a fair cost? My answer is that most of them, don’t. Nevertheless, the ones that are inside, they do have all the permits necessary and are let’s say ‘legit’. The airport also has a private company where you can take taxis so in case something happens or you had a terrible experience, you have a place where to claim an explanation or a compensation instead.

Outside the Airport.

They are not secure, you can find a lower price than the ones inside but you can have an awful experience, So if you have came many times to Peru you know that you have to be extemly careful about informal taxis. Lower prices- safety not guaranteed.


Of course there are apps where you can ask for a company taxi but one more time, their prices are high. If you take the risk for a taxi from the street you have the chance to negotiate the price, we Peruvians call it ‘regatear’ , which means that if the taxi driver tells you a price, you can say another one until you get to an agreement. If you don’t get a price, as simple as that stop another taxi. Company taxis usually have their prices set and they aren’t negotiable.


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