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Want To Speak A Little Yiddish?

Updated on March 1, 2012

Learn a Language On-Line

It Couldn't Hurt!

I love languages and learning about other cultures. I've tried for years to learn my dad's native French (still at level I), Spanish (I know only a couple of words), and sign language (which I'm fluent in). The great thing about language is that it is organic, fluid, and ever evolving and there is no one language that is not touched by another language. The other great thing is you can't learn a new language without learning about the culture of the people who speak it and learning equates to understanding and appreciation. Think about it.

Anyway, in the interest of spelling the Yiddish saying Oy Veh (Oi, Vai! - Dear me! Expression of dismay or hurt) I perused the internet and came upon this wonderful Yiddish Dictionary. I share it here for those of you who would like to learn an expression to toss around here and there. Just click the title above to go directly to the website

Suggestions and additions to Yiddish dictionary can be sent to the author

For anyone interested in learning a language, but don't want to attend classes. I recommend Rocket Languages. They offer courses in Chinese, Japanese, French, Spanish, ASL, Italian, etc. They will give you a free sample download to test out their program. Another great program is Visual Link Spanish. They claim to have you speaking Spanish sentences from the very first day and they are right. They'll send you a free disk to sample. Both programs can be loaded onto a MP3 device. Both programs are much more economical than Rosetta Stone (they, too, will send you a free disk). Despite my failure to retain everything I learned, I highly recommend both programs.


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    • profile image

      Shmelke 7 years ago

      We're just starting It's meant for people who want to teach themselves yiddish online. There's a free resource for learning to read Yiddish that includes a number of slang words... I couldn't find the link to the dictionary you were referring to.

    • profile image

      Shmelke 7 years ago

      We're just starting It's meant for people who want to teach themselves yiddish online.

    • profile image

      sami 9 years ago

      For those interested to <a href="">learn yiddish</a> seriously, Http:// may be the solution for you.