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Warm Mineral Springs, North Port, Florida

Updated on May 24, 2019

Warm Mineral Springs, North Port, FL

Today, I have decided to share my experience at Warm Mineral Springs, North Port, Florida. Most of the Hubs I feel hit the ball out of the park when contributing to the history of the place. But, this is why I have pictures of the things they may have failed to contribute. Also, they seemed to me to lack their personal experience while there. Now, I do realize everyone absorbs life differently. But I feel as if more could be contributed on this wonderful, yet, smelly place.


Okay, let’s face it. You won’t be smelling rose petals while you’re hear. If you don’t enjoy the smell of egg salad, be wary, for you will smell rotting egg salad during you’re visit (sulfur). So husbands, do not bring you’re pregnant wives here. The smell can actually help relieve sinus congestion, so it does have its benefits. The restaurant on the grounds does smell amazing; perhaps it was the large contrast between the two smells that made me believe so. Unfortunately, we did not eat there but it is definitely worth trying.

Now that were over the smell we can now submerge ourselves into the spring. This is really like a pond so if you’re from Minnesota or anywhere with a lot of lakes you’ll be used to the murky bottom. The water was pretty clear when I went there so you could see all the rocks laid sporadically throughout. It may behoove you to bring those water sandals as the rocks are slick and sharp. There is no diving in and you can only enter in at the two ramps on either side of the spring. I’m sure it is to protect you as well as the spring.

There probably won’t be large quantities of energy there anyway. I am 23 years old and believe I was the youngest there. If you want to practice your 2nd and 3rd language this is a good place to do so. Everyone there was for the most part foreign (European/Russian).This is great in its own sense, as it was a good place to just relax. Imagine the outer ring of a bullseye, this is the swim/walk lane. It is about shoulder deep for my wife, she is 5’3”. The center is deep; you won’t be touching the bottom even if you are goliath. Yet, you are able to swim in it if you choose too. They have a couple life guards, I hope they will jump in and not use the ramp if I’m drowning. On the entrance side of the bullseye, there is water aerobics going on so you have a horseshoe really. There are plenty of places to catch some sun or stay in the shade so getting comfortable shouldn’t be a problem.


Now the place is believed to have healing powers, and let’s face it I’m just as sore as I have been. But, afterwards my skin did feel cleansed. It was even cooling on my extreme sunburn. This reminds me to point out, if you’re not from the area, use sunscreen. If you had forgotten, you can buy some at the gift shop. They have all sorts of trinkets you could ever want from a gift shop. Including the much needed aloe, but with coconut oil. You know the mineral water you can buy from stores and drink? Well, don’t drink theirs, as it is a laxative (unless you're constipated). Almost made this mistake, I’m sure it would have resulted with a stomach pumping at the nearest hospital.

At the end of the day, I would definitely go back. If I lived in the area I would try to go once a month. If you’re hungry on your way out and don’t want to eat at their restaurant stop by Marco’s Pizza just of Tamiami Trail. They have great subs, I don’t have anything to compare it to since they are unique from the all the others.



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