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Was I abducted by aliens? Can you help me figure this out?

Updated on March 4, 2016

All my life...

I have had strange things happen to and around me that should have been my demise. Once I did a 360 degree spin on ice on a mountain curve at 2 AM in the morning. The road was only wide enough for the car to do this without hitting the rocky mountainside on the left or the guard rail on the other side. All I remember is rock then guard rails going past the wind shield like train cars at a railroad stop. The car spun right in the middle of a tight curve where it was impossible to see around the curve and had a car been coming the other way it would have wiped us both out and probably sent us down the cliff the guard rail was guarding. Miraculously the car spun to line up exactly in my lane continuing down the road like nothing had happened as I new never to hit the brakes when sliding on ice and it happened so fast. Although it was 45 years ago i remember the incident like it was yesterday.

Another time I spent a whole day on my motorcycle in pouring rain to get back to college in time for a prearranged first date I didn't want to miss because of the storm. The trip normally would have only taken 3 hours .but with the rain and what happened it took me 7 hours to get back to school.

Because of the pouring rain I had on a heavy duty rubber suit, the kind they use to clean out railroad tankers and over my shoes I had rubber totes, flimsy but they kept the rain out. Shortly after leaving home I approached toll booth to the the turnpike.

I don't know if you know this, at the time I hadn't thought about it, but tollbooths collect long oil patches from multitudes of leaky cars stopping to pay the toll and rain causes oil to float on top of the water making it extremely slippery.

As I approached the oil slick I braked to slow down and pay the toll. Needless to say I din't break soon enough as the brakes did nothing but make the bike wobble as I streaked through the toll booth. As I passed the toll collector (yeah a long time ago when they had toll collectors) I panicked and put my feet down on the pavement hard. Yeah! As if I was going to stop this bike. with my feet! I came to a stop about 30 feet past the toll booth after slipping and sliding trying to keep the bike from going down. I took a deep breath and looked back and thought, "What are those two black things on the street behind me?" I looked at my feet. I then realized I was going so fast that when I put my feet down on the street the totes were ripped off my feet without me even knowing or feeling them come off. The totes were whole man, they didn't rip or anything.

What do I do now? I was afraid to turn around on the slippery road so I back peddled the bike to the toll booth, got my ticket and put the totes back on and continued on my way. So all this didn't take 5 extra hours, not nearly! What happened next is what took up all the time.

I'm traveling a couple hours later in my wet suit, a gym bag strapped to the back of the motorcycle with all my necessities and change of cloths, in the pouring rain when I notice I need to get gas. I was on a Honda 175 on/off road trailbike, not the hoggest of bikes but it was my first. I'd only get up to 45 MPH going up hills but made up for it on the downside hitting 80 MPH. The bike's vibrations were mesmerizing though. As I came off a hill doing 80 and mesmerized I decided to turn up a ramp at the bottom of the hill to a rest stop.


Mesmerized means hold the attention of (someone) to the exclusion of all else or so as to transfix them.

I was so transfixed that I forgot to slow down before entering the exit ramp. At the last minute I pumped the brakes and slid right, hit the brakes and slid left. Where the ramp turned to the right I tried turning but the bike was going nowhere but straight sliding in the rain. I braced myself, went straight off the road at the curve over the shoulder into an embankment which launched me and the bike into the air over a drainage ditch onto a thick grassy knoll that cushioned my fall as the bike slid on the grass thirty feet in one direction and I went sliding 30 feet in the other direction across the grass.

When I came to a stop I could hear my motorcycle engine racing like it was going 100 mph. Laying there I surmised my situation, not sure yet if I was even OK. I could see my gym bag, clothes, underwear, toothbrush and toiletries strewn all over the grassy knoll and past that there comes a family in a van taking the ramp off the turnpike. The driver didn't even see me, his eyes on the road, but in the back seat I could see three little kids, looking out the window as they passed by (slowly), pointing their little fingers in my direction and laughing. I was so humiliated, but by this time in my life humiliation was a feeling I had actually come to enjoy.

I got up, was unhurt not even a bruise but my bike needed help. I ran to it and shut it off, the sound of the engine racing was mind numbing. I collected my things and had to push the bike to the ramp and up the ramp to the rest stop where I got gas and a snack and rested in the parking lot inspecting my bike and trying to figure out what my next move might be.

The bike's gearbox was stuck in a gear. The clutch wouldn't work. I could shift without the clutch but couldn't get it out of gear even to kick start it. I spent a lot of time there trying to figure out what to do. The only way I was going to get it started was to push the bike while in gear down hill fast enough to start it and make sure if I had to stop to stop on a hill in case the bike stalled and I'd have to start it again.

Anyway I made it to my destination and along the way in the last few miles the bike started working normally. Whatever was jammed must have worked itself out.

How'd that make me feel?

My date was to go roller skating at the amusement park where I lived but when I arrived my date was skating with someone else and having a good time. She said she didn't even remember we had this date! (Look I even found a picture of the two of them).

So I risked life and limb in this storm to be with her and she didn't even know I existed. That's how I felt anyway, so I suited up my helmet and decided to head to college and stay in the dorm with one of my friends. The rain had stopped there now but there was a really thick fog hanging all through the valleys that night. I took off on my bike and half way to school I'm coming off a big hill into a valley, doing 80 going down this hill and there in front of me is a valley full of thick fog, so thick I couldn't see the road in front of me and I plowed right into it. This time I wasn't mesmerized I just didn't care and as I ripped through the fog all of a sudden deer were flying past me left and right, in my sight for a split second then gone in the fog. A huge buck's rack came within inches of my shoulder and I knew I was in the middle of a herd of deer on the road. It is a miracle I didn't hit one.

So by now I guess you're saying well geez whiz where are the aliens? I just had to tell you these couple stories because they are only the tip of the iceberg of similar close encounters I've had with death and for the life of me I don't know why I'm still here.

As a freshman in college one thanksgiving another freshman on my floor got his father to give him the station wagon to drive to his camp in the mountains and then home for Thanksgiving. 6 of them were going and they wanted me to drive because I didn't drink. They really pressured me waking me up from a deep sleep that day to ask me again. Half asleep, not even knowing what was going on I told them not to go or they'll be sorry. I didn't even know what I said I was in such a stupor but that is what they told me I said after they went and totaled the car on a mountain road coming back. Two guys were almost killed with broken backs when they were thrown out of the back of the wagon through a freshly cut track of forest for power lines, had the trees been there they'd have been killed.The rest except the driver had broken bones and concussions. I wanted to go but something kept me back.

It's like living a life of crime and never getting caught, which I must say I can relate to that too.

So, since you've been patient till now I'll tell you exactly why the thought I might have been abducted by aliens crossed my mind.

I went to see a chiropractor and just by coincidence I had a dental appointment scheduled afterward and right next door to the chiropractor.

Well "Tsad," the Chiropractor said (he really didn't say tsad) "I have your x-rays and you have an extra vertebrae in your spine. Yep there it is after your L5, fully formed and functional."

I'm like, "Well what does that mean doc? Is that why I've always had a longer waist line and sit higher than my peers when sitting down."

He says, "Yes that's probably so but it doesn't mean anything really. One in a hundred people have an extra vertebrae but they aren't always as well formed as yours."

So i get an adjustment and head over to the dentist's office. While in the waiting room I pick up a book in the TIme Life Series Mysteries of the Unknown. My first thought is what is this one book (of a whole series) doing here amidst all these magazines? I've always been interested in the bizarre and unexplained so I open the book and it flops open to a page in the middle titled something like UFOs or UFO abductions. Before I can begin to read my eyes immediately scan down the page to a paragraph and sentence therein that says if you have an extra vertebrae in your spine it is evidence that you are an experimental result of a UFO abduction.

I'm freaked! I just walked out of a doctor's office who showed me I have an extra vertebrae and I sat down here to be led to choose a book, and page, at random and look only at a sentence that tells me what the information I just learned elsewhere means? Coincidence? Or is someone guiding me, watching me, listening to my every word, what people are saying to me, this is spooky to say the least.

I begin thinking, what next? Will i go into the Dentists office and he'll say,

"Well I was going to give you a root canal but the your X-ray says you have a whole 3rd set of tooth buds in your gums and it looks like you are going to have all your teeth replaced by a second set of adult teeth."

Will I say, "Really Doc? What does that mean?" ?

"Tsad, it means means you are an alien!" (He really didn't say tsad in my daydream)

Well I got through the dental appointment with no new revelations.

After that I'm trying to think, when could I have been abducted? I was always a loner in my youth, loved the outdoors, would go hiking alone all over the place. Could it have happened in the woods? At home growing up? I just couldn't imagine when I could have been abducted?

But then I remembered the book said I would be an experimental product of an abduction. Maybe I was placed in this family after being conceived in a test tube. My mother had to have a cesarean section for me and my brother to be born and she was in her thirties when she had us. Is tht a clue? Could they have implanted me in her?

I eventually came to the conclusion: Naw, naw that is all a bunch of bunk, all coincidence and that's that, and for twenty years I never gave it another thought....until..

Until my 85 year old mother comes to live with us.

It's funny how little we know of our parents and their friends and relations isn't it? They only tell you what they want you to know and then as they get older they even forget what they told you (besides what they knew, ha ha)

Anyway mom lived with us for about 4-5 years, still in touch with people she graduated high school with, people she served in the navy with (she was a naval nurse during WW2, don;t these people ever die?) occasionally filling me in on their histories and about all her cousins living around the USA.

My mothers brothers and sisters all died of ALS, she being the youngest of 7 evidently didn't get that gene (hmmmm). Several of her cousin's still living decided to visit her as they hadn't seen her in many years. They came from California, Pennsylvania, Nevada, 4 in all and we had a great time visiting. After they left I'm chatting with my mom about them, happy to be able to match their faces with their voices now and my mom goes on about Emily in Nevada, how she lives all alone since her husband died.

"Oh, when did her husband die Mom?"

"Oh that was years ago Tsad" (she didn't really say Tsad) "Yeah, he was a physicist."

"Really, a physicist?"

"Oh yes and he was very bright, always working on top secret stuff"

"So, he worked for the government?" "Where? In Nevada?"

"Oh yes," she says, "he worked for the government at some facility in Nevada."

She looks straight at me as her eyes open wide, this little "5 foot 2, eyes are blue" granny, and says with the eeriest smile on her face, "I think it was called AREA 51"

Stunned I sat silent. Emily was so nice to me when they were here, she paid more attention to me than my mother, asking all kinds of questions, much more tentative than her sisters were to me and to this day Emily and my mom talk on the phone every week or two.

My mom now? She just turned 98 and takes no medications whatsoever, is sharp mentally as she ever was and frankly I don't think she is ever going to die.

So you see my dilemma. Am I the product of some alien abduction experiment, or are all these things and the miraculous close calls with death I have had all my life the result of aliens watching over me or could it be that there really are angels watching over me?

I swear this is all true although the names have been changed to protect the guilty. So what is your opinion?

Alien abduction or not?

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    • GalaxyRat profile image

      GalaxyRat 7 months ago from The Crazy Rat Lady's House

      I do not believe in aliens. I did find this humorous... My friend, you were not abducted. If anyone says they were, it was God, and He was just having fun with His Creation. ;)

      Good Hub!

    • tsadjatko profile image

      TSAD 15 months ago from maybe (the guy or girl) next door

      Not sure if abdication is a typo or intended conversion of abduction but I guess it does apply if I have abdicated my identity as an alien. lol

      Anyway, so glad you were entertained by this story.

      Yeah, actually she was a pretty little thing and I felt so dissed. Although the events of this story are true the pictures were changed to protect the guilty. ;)

    • savvydating profile image

      Yves 15 months ago

      Lol. That's quite a fanciful imagination you've got there, Tsad. Alien abdication indeed!

      On the other hand, I can easily believe that your traffic angels are with you. Probably, you kept them entertained.

      Too bad your date fell through after all the trouble you went through. She was such a pretty little thing, especially in that tuxedo outfit. ;))

    • breakfastpop profile image

      breakfastpop 21 months ago

      I'm thinking that you are an incredibly lucky guy for such a lousy driver! As for the aliens, they are all running for President!

    • tsadjatko profile image

      TSAD 21 months ago from maybe (the guy or girl) next door

      And fpherj48, If I didn't know you (I like to THINK I know you) I 'd be very inclined to tell a tale of complete fantasy or write while heavily under the influence. I know I have done both but the first was before I really knowed you well and the second is always under the influence of the Holy Spirit (when it occurs).

      So then I'll take your comment as a compliment and mark you down with Kurtreifschneider on my list of people who think I am "one of the most interesting people here on Hubpages that I have encountered" (Kurt's fanmail to me). That make 2 people in 5 years.

      Thank you for once again suffering my thoughts in print. You and Mike are who keep me inspired to be movin' on up. And I really get excited when Jodah shows up, my hat trick!

      You may be right though fpherj48. Since I wrote this hub page my alien powers are coming to fruition as I am getting insights that are not human...for example just one look at your user name which has always baffled me as to it's meaning and it became revealed to my mind like from some alien source.

      Now what was an enigma to me

      clearly appears to be:

      feelin' pretty hot eat'n raw jalapeno for tea's great

      And a good day to you all!

    • fpherj48 profile image

      Paula 21 months ago from Beautiful Upstate New York

      If I didn't know you (at least I THINK I know you) I 'd be very inclined to think this tale a complete fantasy,or written while heavily under the influence.

      Considering some of these incidents, it is truly amazing you are still alive Then again, have you ever thought that maybe you're not? Could you be a "walking dead??"

      I admit it is clear you're rather strange, possibly bizarre and definitely quite DIFFERENT.

      You may want to think about this a bit more in depth. Anything is possible. For instance, you could actually be an alien yourself, having been delivered here by the Mother ship.I could easily believe this. You continually go where no man has ever gone. I wonder how you keep finding your way back.

      At least this is an option to consider rather than thinking you're simply certifiable. Interesting information. Nanu nanu.

    • tsadjatko profile image

      TSAD 21 months ago from maybe (the guy or girl) next door

      Well thank's Mike for reading my hub page! Your input is quite appreciated as I endeavor to sort this all out. I'll have to look for that movie.

      I'm almost certain though, if aliens had anything to do with me then they have led me here, to Hub Pages, where no man has gone before (I'm pretty sure everyone on Hub Pages is from another planet) or is that to Boldlygo where no man has gone before? I think I've been to Boldlygo, so I can't be human if no man has gone there before. Oh no that was Venus (and Mars) as you probably have read in my HPs.

      So ends another day on planet earth, sleep tight, don't let the dead bugs (global warming it will kill us all) bite.

    • profile image

      Old Poolman 21 months ago

      Tsad - Interesting, funny, and enlightening. Now, have you considered that perhaps you were not abducted but were sent here on a mission? Perhaps the ship that was to come pick you up crashed in Roswell, NM and you were abandoned.

      There was a guy living up in the mountains in Heber, Arizona who worked on a logging crew. They actually made a movie out of his abduction. I met him a few times and after listening to him tell the story I actually believe it happened.

      They even submitted him to lie detector tests and could not detect any lies. His story never changes and he tells it in great detail.

      So my friend, you may be on to this with your self diagnosis. I need to go see the guy in Heber again to see if he has had his back x-rayed or had a dentist look for extra teeth.

      Great story my friend and leaves lots of room for thought.