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Was It Worth It? - The Tomorrowland Stage

Updated on February 27, 2012

This is the first segment of my blog series : "Was It Worth It?" Where we look back at some of the attractions, shows, resorts, and decisions that were built, opened, or implemented at Walt Disney World and ask that popular question, "Was It Worth It?"

This week I'm talking of the Rockettower Plaza Stage or as most people like to call it, "That stage they built in Tomorrowland." In 2008 when it was announced that the Tomorrowland Theater would be closing, most just thought that was the end to stage shows in Tomorrowland, but little did we know, somewhere in the tunnels, deep in the bowels of the Magic Kingdom, a plan was being constructed. This plan was of course for a new stage! A beautiful stage! A stage that would sit right in the middle of Tomorrowland between Space Mountain and everything else! But what could make that plan a reality? What could possibly be put on this stage that could live up to the hype? Why Stitch's Supersonic Celebration of course!

Trip Trendo and the Galactic Girls tried to smile and joke their way into Disney Fan's hearts along with Stitch, but the show was scrapped quicker than you can say, "Happy Galaxy Day!"
Trip Trendo and the Galactic Girls tried to smile and joke their way into Disney Fan's hearts along with Stitch, but the show was scrapped quicker than you can say, "Happy Galaxy Day!"

Stitch's Supersonic Celebration, where Trip Trendo and The Galactic Girls (pictured below) invite you to come and Celebrate Galaxy Day with them! A fun day where everyone can celebrate how they like the galaxy! (Or some other crap like that!) Well the celebration is cut short when Stitch crashes the party, Stitch is shown on screen above and from that point the show begins to act like Turtle Talk With Crush at Epcot (which is far superior to this show) and has the animated Stitch interact with guests, even taking a picture of them and holding it. While I must admit the technology was impressive, it just didn't grasp the audience. And neither did Stitch coming out dressed like Elvis at the end. The show closes in less than two months!

But that was the bad thing, after the show was gone, we were just left with the stage. One big gray and purple stage that was nothing but kind of in the way. Especially if you happened to go during peak season and had to get from Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin to Space Mountain, because for some reason people just like to stop and look at the stage even though nothing is actually happening.

So it seems so far that this stage is already a bust. But wait, we head back down the tunnels because there is talk of another show...a Christmas show.

The show cast parties with Mike Wasowski during A Totally Tomorrowland Christmas!
The show cast parties with Mike Wasowski during A Totally Tomorrowland Christmas!

As many Disney Fans know (and love) the Magic Kingdom closes early and reopens later on many nights in November and December for Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party! During the Christmas Party you can meet with many of your favorite characters in their Christmas best, and also meet some characters you don't see very often! You can also get non-stop cookies and hot chocolate, there's a special parade and fireworks, it even snows on Main Street USA! But you also get your fair share of event only shows! And guess what stage got its own show during the party!? You guessed it! We got A Totally Tomorrowland Christmas!

The show was a Christmas Celebration starring some of your favorite Tomorroland Friends: Buzz Lightyear, Mike Wazowski, and Stitch (virtually just like is role in Supersonic Celebration.) But of course Stitch comes out live and in person dressed as Santa at the end. The characters would come out and sing their own versions of holiday classics. Such as Buzz singing about fighting Zerg to the tune of Jingle Bells.

If you want to know how this show started off then watch the video of the very first show, where not only do the characters get really into it, Mike Wasowski from Disney-Pixar's Monsters Inc dances his arm clean off. You heard me right, his arm falls off! The show was stopped, but still continues to run during special events!

So this stage is currently in use during the Christmas season and during special events such as youth choirs. Other than that it's left to bake in the hot Florida sun! So based on what it's been through and where it's at now, I'd have to say that Rockettower Plaza Stage was especially NOT WORTH IT.

Until next time,

Joey, signing out!

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