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U.S. Politics: Washington D.C., more than just politicsU

Updated on June 18, 2015
The International Spy Museum,no better place than DC.
The International Spy Museum,no better place than DC.
WWII Memorial. Atlantic column. This is an amazing site to see.
WWII Memorial. Atlantic column. This is an amazing site to see.
WWII memorial fountain.
WWII memorial fountain.
The Vietnam Memorial Plaque
The Vietnam Memorial Plaque

Shoe String Budget Can Make a Memory of A Life Time

A shoestring budget can still make a dream came true. There is so much more than just the political history, there is the art and the architecture. You can actually stay in New York and take a bus for a $35 round trip - day trip to Washington, DC.

There is so much to see, one day is definitely not enough time, but it will sure make you want to come back. It takes at least a full week to see and enjoy everything.

The shopping is fun, a little high priced, but you can still find a bargain. If you get hungry, there are a variety of restaurants to choose from. For those who don't want to try something different, Fudrucker's is there for you with their huge and always delicious burgers.

Places to see

The World War II Memorial is a must.

The memorial columns are just overwhelming, one for each state encircling the fountain. The massive walls with quotes from Generals and those who had great impact in our military history.


Everyone owes the men and women that give their lives for us daily. Everyone should honor them with our presence. We owe it to them to go there and pay our respects. It's not much to ask for, they went around the world for us.

Can you imagine how different our country would be, what kind of life you as an individual would have, if it were not for the sacrifices that are made regularly by these brave men and women so that we may enjoy our freedoms?

Koren War Memorial

So realistic, it's eerie and amazing at the same time.

The Washington Monument

It was under repairs, but it was grand. What is seen in movies just doesn't compare to the real thing.


The Smithsonian Museum of Art's sculptures, paintings and more were breath taking.

A markerwashington dc -
Washington, DC, USA
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Thanks for the Memories.....

Washington isn't all about politics, it's about history. There's the old Masonic Temple, where our founding fathers and their descendants attended. The old historic trail, China Town, great architecture, the Spy Museum, the Smithsonian Art Museum and lots and lots of walking. You definitely need a good pair of walking shoes for this vacation spot. You get plenty of exercise without feeling like you've actually been exercising.

A markerVietnam Memorial Wall -
Vietnam Veterans Memorial, 5 Henry Bacon Drive Northwest, Washington, DC 20245, USA
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