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Washingtonians Winter is on the Way: Check out a couple Different Family Fun Places

Updated on September 12, 2016

Summer, Spring,Fall or Winter, Fun for All

Streeters Resort

This pick is for the family that likes to hunt, fish, and do more outdoor activities together. Rather you like to take out the RV stay in a cabin, or dare pitch a tent in the winter this is a hidden treasure resort.

Well known for there summer activities including, bass fishing tournaments, kids day, and boat races, this resort is often forgotten during the winter months. This is a cheaper alternative to staying in a high price motel for our winter fisherman and hunters. Surrounded by mountains and seven minutes to Mt St Helens Visitor Center this is the perfect family ran and community supported resort for anytime of the year.

With the owners being kids at heart themselves there is peaceful and family oriented atmosphere that keeps people coming back time after time. A place where any day of the week you can find the locals having coffee at Coopers Place store with the guests and owners.

No worries about entertainment just pop into the boathouse in the evenings for a good round of karaoke or grab one of the rental boats to catch a fish or too. Not to mention if your lucky enough to witness one of the many pranks that the owners like to play on each other.

If peace and quiet are what your looking for than come in and enjoy the breathtaking view over the water when the sun rises and sets. Stay long enough and make friends with the ducks who might even venture into the store to see whats for lunch.

If you love the outdoors than here are a few close attractions.

The Forest Learning Center

A museum chronicling the effect of the Mount St. Helen's eruption on the neighboring trees and plant life

Mount St. Helens Visitor Center

This Forest Service facility gives an overview of Cascade Range volcanis and the events

before and after May 18, 1980.

Spirit Lake Memorial Highway

A broad scenic route stretching from I-5 right through the Mount St. Helens blast area.

Weddings, Family Reunions, Anniversary's, Graduations

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New Owners Same Great Family Fun

Contact and Reservations

Streeters Resort

120 Lake Rd, Silver Lake, WA 98645

Phone: (360) 274-6112

One Family to Another

Streeter's has been in business since the 60's and has been family owned and operated with the exception of a few years. The original owners Harvey and Lois Cooper loved the idea of having a their family working together. Now that the time has come to move on they have sold to new owners who will continue with many of the traditions the family has put into place over the years plan to start a few of their own as well . With Randy and Brenda Kell believing in God, Family and Fun I am sure that this will be a beloved place for years to come.

Streeters Resort

A marker120 Lake Rd, Silver Lake, WA 98645 -
120 Lake Rd, Silver Lake, WA 98645, USA
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Fun, Fun, Fun

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Great Wolf Lodge

For a great indoor, out of the whether vacation check out the Great Wolf Lodge in Grand mound Washington.

This vacation spot is great for the consumer that wants to make a great family tradition and spend a little money doing it. By far not the cheapest place to go but the atmosphere and fun is for young at heart.

With winter and school in full swing it may not be that easy to just pick up and go to Disney Land or Disney World but there is an alternative for the short stay or the winter vacationers. Located just thirty minutes from the state capital, Olympia, and twenty minutes from Centralia Wa, there is lots to do while visiting. With all the lodge has to offer you may choose to just stay in and enjoy parking the car for a while.

The lodge is set up so that you do not have to leave unless you absolutely want to. The lodge is loaded with family fun activities not to mention the biggest indoor water park in Washington. With a full spa for the adults and a beauty spa for our littlest divas you can pamper the women (or men) in the family and leave feeling completely refreshed and relaxed.

If wearing the kids down so that you can spend a little quite time with each other is the goal, no worries. The Great Wolf has a number of activities to keep the little ones playing hard and sleeping good. Start off with the quest games for all ages. Pay a small fee and let the kids treasure hunt throughout the lodge. Whether they are armed with a magic stuffed animal or a magic wand they will spend countless hours making animals talk and finding hidden treasure.

In between the hunt don't forget to stop by the glow in the dark mini golf course and spend a little time in the arcade winning tickets for cool prizes. Then if they still have some energy to burn let them swim and play in the indoor water park with slides and toys designed for the family adventure. Pop in to the mining store and let the little ones mine for gold and treasure just like the real miners do, panning in real water and finding there own treasure.

I almost forgot to mention the thirty foot ropes course for the adventurist in all of us.( whether permitting of course). Climb and Zip Line without having to travel to the jungle. Great for kids and parents alike.

When it is time to eat no problem finding a meal. Rather it be pizza you are craving, a buffet of all kinds of food or try a sit down steak meal you will be able to find whatever you are in the mood for. If it is a sweet tooth no fears , just stop by the specialty shop with sweets and ice cream to devour.

Once you have wore them out sit in the main lodge during one of there story times read by the special characters unique to the Wolf Creek Lodge. The evening read is the funnest by far with everyone dressed in there best PJ's and the lights low with a worn out bunch of kids all smiling from ear to ear.

The staff are all helpful and happy to be working and the families are all having the time of their life. I would recommend this for anyone who just needs a close mini vacation, even in the winter.

Contact Information

Great Wolf Lodge Grand Mound Washington

20500 Old Highway 99, SW
Centralia, WA 98531

Reservations: 800.640.9653
Resort Direct: 360.273.7718
Fax: 360.273.8406

Great Wolf Lodge

A marker20500 Old Highway 99, SW Centralia, WA 98531 -
20500 Old Hwy 99 SW, Centralia, WA 98531, USA
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