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Water Parks with Hotels in the United States

Updated on May 11, 2011

What is it about kids and water parks?  They love the splishing and splashing so much, it’s hard to get them to leave.  If you’re staying in a water park hotel, you won’t have to – for a few days at least.  There are several great water parks all around the USA. 

Great Wolf Lodge

The snow may be blowing outdoors, but it’s a balmy 84 degrees in the water park at Great Wolf Lodge. This chain water park hotel has 11 locations scattered around the country, from Grapevine, Texas to Traverse City, Michigan. The water park has activities for all ages, from a splash pad for the tots to curling slides for the bigger kids. There’s even an adults only hot tub. Families can stay in traditional hotel rooms or family suites, where kids sleep in a section of the room designed like a wolf’s den or camp. Great Wolf Lodge hotels have an in-house restaurant and a snack bar in the water park. When not in the water park, guests can enjoy the ice cream shop, browse the gift shop, or get a treatment at either the adults or kids spa. Only hotel guests can use the Great Wolf Lodge water park.

Nickelodeon Suites Hotel

Families heading to Orlando, Florida might want to stay at the Nickelodeon Suites Hotel.  From the time you walk into the neon yellow and green lobby decorated with orange splotches, you know this is a hotel that was designed with kids in mind.  Because the hotel is so large there are a few different outdoor water parks at the Nickelodeon Suites, but at the main one kids congregate each day below a giant bucket that dumps Nickelodeon’s signature green slime on them.  All the rooms are suites with kitchenettes and sitting areas, so parents can stay up and watch television without worrying about waking the little ones.  The hotel has a food court as well as a sit down restaurants and snack bars.  The Nickelodeon Suites offers live entertainment, shops, an arcade and more. 

Avalanche Bay and Mountain Grand Lodge

While perhaps lesser known than the other water parks listed, AvalancheBay, located in BoyneFalls in northern Michigan, is Michigan’s largest indoor water park. Budget Travel Magazine named it one of the top ten indoor water parks in the United States. The water park is attached to the Mountain Grand Lodge, which features comfortable rooms, a restaurant, spa, fitness room and an indoor/outdoor pool. If traveling during winter, guests can go skiing on BoyneMountain, located just outside the back door of the hotel.

Kalahari Resorts

Kalahari Resorts offers water park hotels in Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin, Sandusky, Ohio and Fredericksburg, Virginia. Kalahari has both indoor and outdoor water parks, and at 173,000 square feet, the Sandusky park is the country’s largest indoor water park. Guests can stay in rooms or suites. Kalahari offers a choice of restaurants, bars and snack bars and boasts amenities like a fitness room, arcade, shopping, spa, salon and more.


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    • profile image

      jmoore557 6 years ago

      Nickelodean water slides are kids favorite due to Spongebob.

    • travelingmum profile image

      travelingmum 7 years ago

      We love Great Wolf Lodge too! Between the water park and the Magi Quest game, we've never made it outside of the hotel either.

    • Teegan E. Ross profile image

      Teegan E. Ross 7 years ago from Hovering over my keyboard.

      We absolutely love Great Wolf Lodge; it's a great quick-weekend getaway. Once we arrive, we don't leave the hotel for the whole weekend; so fun and, dare I say, relaxing, even if you're chasing around a toddler. :) I hear that the Schlitterbahn in KC is going to have an indoor section for hotel guests once it's finished as well (haven't researched that, though).