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Waterfalls at the George W. Childs Recreation Site

Updated on February 26, 2014

Only a 6 minute drive from Dingmans Falls is the George W. Childs Recreation Site. There is a hiking trail here that follows both sides of Dingmans Creek, only a few miles upstream from Dingmans Falls, past three large waterfalls.

I told you the Eastern border of Pennsylvania is littered with waterfalls!

If you already checked out Dingmans Falls, then make the short trek over to this recreation site.

It seems like a lot of people come here for picnics and swimming (although it's not allowed), but I'm going to focus on the three waterfalls.

It's worth hiking the whole loop and seeing the falls from both sides.

How do you get here?

First and foremost, I want to make sure that you know how to get here so that you can see it yourself.

Fulmer Falls (55 feet)
Fulmer Falls (55 feet)

There are a few different parking lots you can stop at to start your hike, but I'm going to lead you to the main parking area.

It's where I started my hike and there are restrooms here.

Click THIS LINK to open a map to the parking lot.

This will show you exactly where you want to go and you can even enter your address to get directions to the recreation site from your house.

The green arrow points to the restrooms and the parking around is the loop right in front of it.

See the Falls in Action

Now you can chose to read the text below and look at the pictures first or you can "hike" the trail through the video to the right.

The trail starts over by the restrooms. It's not a difficult trail, other than some stairs, and it's not even 2 miles to hike the complete loop.  You'll soon see a bridge to your right; you can decide at this point which side of the creek you want to hike on. 

I opted to stay on this side of the creek, and not cross the bridge, so that I'd have better views of the waterfalls as I hiked back up.  So, as you're heading down, stay on the right side of Dingmans Creek if you want to follow the path I took.

Deer Leap Falls (30 feet)
Deer Leap Falls (30 feet)

You'll see each waterfall as you hike down, but your view may be obstructed by trees.

Just wait, the good views are coming!

Soon you'll come to a wooden bridge over the crest of Deer Leap Falls.

Cross over it and then head down the stairs so that you can get a better view of it.

It's a 30 foot high waterfall with a welcoming pool of water below it.

Although prohibited, you'll probably see some swimmers there depending on the time of the year.

Dingmans Creek and a look at the trail ahead.
Dingmans Creek and a look at the trail ahead.

Hike back up the stairs and, instead of crossing back over the crest of Deer Leap Falls, stay on this side of the creek for the rest of your hike.

For some reason this side of the trail is more open, which means better views of the creek for you.

This is when you'll want to break out your camera, if you haven't already.

It's such a relaxing stroll through the woods.

As you can see to the right, you don't even have to be at one of the named waterfalls to appreciate Dingmans Creek.

Soon you'll hear the familiar sound of those attention-grabbing waterfalls.

Fulmer Falls (55 feet)
Fulmer Falls (55 feet)

The next waterfall you'll come across is my favorite one here: Fulmer Falls.

It's a 55 foot high waterfall and I love how it's set back in the rock. It really gives it a unique look as the water crashes down the rocks. This has to be the most picturesque of the falls.

The change of pace is nice and noticeable right after the falls as the water turns into a nice calm pool before moving on.

Factory Falls (17 feet)
Factory Falls (17 feet)

 As you continue on the trail you'll come to an overlook where you can look at Fulmer Falls from up top. 

Then you'll pass a nice pavilion off to the side of the creek before you get to the next waterfall:  Factory Falls.

Once again I was greeted by a bunch of swimmers at this 17 foot high waterfall.  The water flows over a few levels of rock in different directions before pooling up for rebel swimmers.

Me recording the ruins.
Me recording the ruins.

Just a little farther up the trail are the ruins of Joseph Brooks' 19th century woolen mill.

I guess it use to be 3 and a half stories high.

Pretty interesting little bit of history at such a nice area.

Once you check out the broken down building, you can hop down some rocks and check out Factory Falls from different levels if you like.

Top of Factory Falls.
Top of Factory Falls.
Middle of Factory Falls.
Middle of Factory Falls.

Been here before?

What's your favorite waterfall at the George W. Childs Recreation Site?

See results

Each section of the falls seems to have its own character.

The top seems very calm and water pours in from two directions to create a shallow pool.

The middle section is a little more violent as you're face to face with the water crashing over levels of rock.

And then at the base you can take it all in and get a blend of both characters.

Soon you'll be back to your starting point and will want to cross over a bridge to make it back to the parking lot. 

As you can see, there really are some hidden natural gems in this part of Pennsylvania.  You never know what you'll find until you get out there and explore!

What else is there to do at the George W. Childs Recreation Site?

There's not a lot else you can do here but it's a great place for a picnic!

There's pavilions and barbecue pits you can use.

And when you're not eating or cooking you can go explore the trails, bridges and waterfalls.

If you need something to do, and happen to be in the area, then you should go explore the natural beauty of the George W. Childs Recreation Site!

You'll be glad that you did once you come see it for yourself.

What's YOUR Favorite Part Of The George W. Childs Recreation Site?

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    • Bendo13 profile image

      Ben Guinter 7 years ago from Colorado Springs, Colorado

      Not a problem Aaron!

      That's so funny Ricketts Glen is my favorite place in PA too!

      I wrote a blog on the Falls Trail on here too if you'd like to go look at it.

    • profile image

      Aaron 7 years ago

      This place is great. Getting ready to drive up from Philly right now (11:30AM) March 18th 2010. Hopefully there is still some ice up there. It's a great place to just sit and listen to the water falling.

      Good thing I came across this. Maybe I will post something like this when I am done. My favorite PA place is Rickets Glenn Natural Area. Check out my link to MySpace and see my waterfall pictures. Thanks for making this page available.


    • Bendo13 profile image

      Ben Guinter 7 years ago from Colorado Springs, Colorado

      You should, sophs! It really is a nice area in Pennsylvania. Thanks for the compliment!

    • profile image

      sophs 7 years ago

      I'd love to goe here! Beautiful pictures :)