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Waterproof Document Holder

Updated on January 3, 2011

Rain is a much unexpected phenomenon—it can happen at the most unexpected times. For most of working folk, bringing documents daily are as a part of our lives as, say, eating. And because these documents are important, keeping them clean and safe is a no-brainer. Whether we commute or drive to work, rain will always be able to reach us. If you are the type of person who values their documents, a waterproof document holder is a must-have.

I’m pretty sure most of you will find this hub caveman-simple, but the truth is there is much to discuss about these wonder bags. If you feel you know them all, feel free to browse below to the product deals portion.

Waterproof and water-resistant

At this point it is important to differentiate “waterproof” and “water-resistant.” While usage in the market today is virtually the same, resistant is always less in protection. However, technicality is often neglected in ad copy so from hereon, we shall address both terms as the same.

A fine example of a waterproof document holder by Gelert

A little more about waterproof document holders

Waterproof cases are available in many different styles and shapes. There are those that are very extreme and seem like they would survive gunfire. There are also those that look like envelopes but made with water-resistant materials. The choice, quite literally, is yours to make. However, you can easily tell which style suits you based on what you carry and how and where you carry them.

For some, the choice is made simpler by considering whether to get a hard case or a soft one. A hard case will obviously provide the best protection—especially when dealing with paper—but might be a little overkill for some. Other stuff you plan to put inside aside from paper is also a point to consider—some document holders act as makeshift bags and can be used to carry relatively light stuff such as mobile phones or organizers.

As for the materials, water-resistant fabrics such as nylon and polyurethane, or those used on jackets like vinyl are also commonly used. Some cases even have PVC linings for added protection.

In a document holder, the weakest link is obviously the opening—and how it effectively seals itself. A zipper-style case can be easily penetrated by water, not unless diving-grade zippers are used. Other use snap locks with waterproof seals, hook and loop flaps, and buttons. Depending on the level of protection you need, you should be able to tell which sealing method should work.

As of this point I’m pretty sure we’ve covered everything there is to know about waterproof pouches, so go on and check some unique products below.


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