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Waterton National Park

Updated on April 5, 2014

Waterton National Park

Waterton National Park

Waterton National Park is found on the North side of the U.S. boarder, located in Alberta, Canada. Waterton National Park is 270 Kilometers from Calgary. Waterton National Park exists along the world's longest undefended border (8,892 km/ 5,525 miles). It became a park in 1895, to protect and preserve the environment. Waterton National Park is only 505 square kilometers (202 square miles) making it small enough to not even occupy one male grizzly bear which can occupy three times that size for its home. In 1932 Waterton National Park joined with Montana Glacier National Park to form the Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park. The two parks share the same geology, climate, wildlife and ecology.

"The unheralded line that separates Canada and the United States is the longest unfortified border in the world today, and perhaps in all of history. It says to mankind: Let not the cartographers rule, elevate nature and human friendship."

Stewart L. Udall U.S. Secretary of the Interior, 1967

Waterton National Park is situated in the hart of the prairies where the Chinook wind is very common which melts all traces fo snow in the lower valleys as the air is warming. The average wind blows 32 km/h (20 miles per hour), gusts of wind can blow up to 160 Km/h (100 miles per hour). Ladies, don't worry about the bad hair day. In Waterton National Park the average precipitation near the park gate is 76 cm (30 inches), in the mountains near Cameron Lake the precipitation doubles to 152 cm (60 inches). Despite the precipitation in Waterton National Park these mountain ranges are beautiful to visit. There is much to see and do in Waterton National Park. When the conditions are right, on a beautiful day try skating straight from the town of Waterton into Montana, it's only a 6.4 km (4 miles) stretch. Try winter camping, cross-country skiing or snowshoeing. Before doing any winter activities it's advisable that you call first to find out what the weather conditions are like. In the summer months take a rain coat and extra clothing as the weather can change quickly.

In the summer take a vacation horseback riding, canoeing, go wind surfing on the Upper Waterton Lake. Waterton National Park has forty-eight hiking trails which lead to unforgettable sights. Hike through the Red Rock Canyon Parkway, the rock is a wonderful red color, hike up to the tunnel along Crypt Lake Trail or the Bertha Lake and Bertha Valley. What ever trail you choose, you won't be disappointed. Enjoy your visit to Waterton National Park.


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