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Wear Dutch artist Ellis Faas' makeup, see her art in the temp exhibit at The New Institute in the Netherlands

Updated on September 23, 2015

Ellis Faas helps you create artistry on your face. Now you can see her art at The New Institute In Rotterdam

I first learned about the innovative, chic -- and highly exclusive -- Amsterdam makeup line of Ellis Faas perusing during a flight on one of my all-time favorite airlines, KLM. Ms. Faas is a Dutch fashion photographer and makeup artist. She wanted to make her art universal to all and created her own cosmetics line. Her colors are based on shades that the human body actually creates. The containers for many items have an exciting, professional, modern and artistic presentation. Textures are innovative. I was happy to be hosted to experience it!

Ellis Faas' makeup line is especially renowned for her lip cosmetic, Ellis Red, that exactly mimics the color of human blood. Unlike other fashion colors, this color works for everyone -- the ultimate and elusive perfect red. Faas created three consistencies of this color: "Creamy", "Milky" and "Glazed". They're housed in metal pointed pen containers and apply with a built-in brush. This encourages the artist in all of us and ensures our personal form of perfection: no excuses to not use a brush anymore!

So, it's only fitting that the iconic ELLIS FAAS lip shade Ellis Red will be featured at the Temporary Fashion Museum, now open in Rotterdam. Ellis Red is a recurring item, scattering "blood-red confetti" over the program as whole. Amongst other things, Ellis will be a speaker during an evening about red lipstick (November 5); she designed the makeup look for the hostesses; the film The Only Red Is Ellis Red will be featured; and especially for the exhibition, they created the coolest sampling machine ever!

From September until May 8, 2016 Het Nieuwe Instituut (The New Institute) will be transformed into a temporary fashion museum, exploring the phenomenon of fashion in all its surprising forms with an extensive program of exhibitions, installations, performances and events. Many Dutch museums include fashion within their collections, but there has never been a national fashion museum.

Ellis Red at Rotterdam's The New Institute



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