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Weekend Vacations Are Much Better When Renting Mexican Beach Bungalows

Updated on November 14, 2010

There are times no matter what the current season is, that you just have to get away for quick weekend vacations to somewhere tropical, and shed that suit of angst from the daily grind we call life. Renting Mexican beach bungalows, and just relaxing on the white sandy beaches of Tulum Mexico is a solution to your situation. Enjoy the type of resort life your grandparent’s generation lavished in thirty years ago, and unplug from your high tech world for just a couple of days to find out what pure relaxation is all about. Remember the beach scenes in the Movie Castaway with Tom Hanks, well the village of Tankah is even more picturesque, and exudes the natural beauty that most only dream to see or visit.

Weekend Vacations - Tankah Village Mexico

Mexican Beach Bungalows
Mexican Beach Bungalows

Weekend Vacations - Tulum Mexico

The lack of traffic jams, factories, and noisy night life will allow you to lay in your hammock or bed after the sun has gone down for the day, and just hear the faint sounds of the ocean washing ashore just a few feet from your front door. The occasional bird will be the only honking you will hear, and the perfect evening weather will allow for you sleep with the doors and windows wide open. If you can tear yourself away from the rigorous regimen of naps during the day, you will enjoy the laid back activity of snorkeling in some of the most beautiful and perfect ocean water most humans will ever see in their life time.

Mexican Beach Bungalows

There are ample activities like fishing trips, parasailing, and visiting the famous Mayan ruins Tulum Mexico is known for, but the serene surroundings will be centerpiece of your stay, as it will take over. Draining the anxiety, and stress from your everyday life, and offer a calming effect that you may have not experienced in the past. If you are need of a wild night out then driving just a little bit north will reveal the nightlife you seek. But still far away from your lodging so you will never be disturbed in the evening.

Beachfront Cabana Rentals

You might call this part of the world a slice of paradise, as it is just a small segment left that wealthy real estate speculators have not been able to take over and change into what Cozumel has become today. There is a place for five star beachfront resorts, and there is a place and time for small anonymous beachfront villas that overwhelm the senses not with lights, and music, but with beauty and grandeur.

Villa Rental - Village of Tankah


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    • Ipeoney profile image


      7 years ago from USA

      Hi nice Hub on renting mexican beach bungalow. Yes tropical vacation is awesome, especially when renting a small cottage at the beach with family.


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