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Weird Places to Visit in Texas

Updated on June 6, 2012
Barbed wire in Beirut
Barbed wire in Beirut | Source

Texas is an interesting and beautiful state with many things to see and do. But if you're looking to see something different than the usual tourist spots, here are a few weird Texas visits.

The Cockroach Hall of Fame Museum

2231 W 15th St Ste B
Plano, TX 75075

Cockroach Hall of Fame, Plano, TX

If the sight of cockroaches, dead or alive, creeps you out, this museum in Plano, TX is probably not for you. This pest control guy likes cockroaches so much he created a museum of dead cockroaches dressed up as celebrities, like Liberoachie, or historical figures and placed on display in boxes. And if that's not enough to creep you out, they have live Madagascar hissing cockroaches that you can hold. No thanks!

Barney Smith's Toilet Seat Art Museum

239 Abiso Ave.
San Antonio, TX 78209

Toilet Seat Museum, Alamo Heights, TX

If you're ever in San Antonio, forget the Alamo, go see Barney Smith and his house full of decorated toilet seats. About 30 years ago when he needed to mount antlers he found that the toilet seat was the perfect shape. Since then he's been putting things on toilets seats and calling it art. Now he has almost 1,000 toilet seats on display in his home in Alamo Heights, TX.

Arrington Ranch

9765 CO RD 5
Canadian, Texas 79014

Arrington Ranch House Lodge, Canadian, TX

The Arrington Ranch House Lodge is a bed and breakfast that's probably better known as the house that Tom Hanks delivers the unopened package to in the movie Castaway. They now have a small museum about the movie.

Devil's Rope Museum

100 Kingsley Street
McLean, TX 79057

Devil's Rope Museum, McLean, TX

Who knew there were so many ways to make barbed wire? Apparently enough to make an entire museum about it. If you want to know more about barbed wire, the Devil's Rope Museum in McLean, TX displays many different types of barbed wire as well as tools to build barbed wire fences. They even have a class to show you how to make your own barbed wire.


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    • sandonia profile image

      sandonia 5 years ago

      Nope. It's a few miles north of the intersection.

    • bockshiner profile image

      bockshiner 5 years ago from Dallas, TX

      The ranch isn't on the intersection? I don't remember the movie.

    • sandonia profile image

      sandonia 5 years ago

      I remember visiting the intersection from Castaway a few years ago. Sadly, we could never find the ranch. I guess it's time for another trip there.