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Weird Spots to Visit in NJ Area

Updated on September 22, 2012

Weird, Odd and just plain cool!!

Many of us in the area see NJ as either disgusting strips of highways or farm fields. But I'm hear to tell you of some awesome WEIRD and cool spots to visit that you will see ONLY in NJ! Some may take a hike to get there, some are great for day trips and some just things you want to check out while in an area and drive by. Either way, there is bound to be something to keep every ride interesting!


Lucy the Elephant, Margate

Lucy the elephant has been around since 1881, originally built and bought to try and bring in more people to Margate, which is right below Atlantic City. She has an observation deck, 36 ft long trunk, and gives you an awesome 360 degree view of the shore! This place is also listed as a National Park on the National Registry of Historic Places. Check out their website here for hours and ticket information! OH did I forget to mention its FREE admission for military!!


Hindenburg Crash Site, Lakehurst

Most of us know the story of the Hindenburg, the huge Zeppelin that blew up for some unexplained reason in Lakehurst, NJ on May 6, 1937. But many of us don't realize just how close this is to JB MDL!

It was 804 feet long and filled with over 7 million cubic feet of hydrogen (not exactly safe). This was also part of the Navy Airship Fleet back in the 30s and it was the best way to travel transatlantic trips. No one knows why it crashed but there have been many speculations over the years. Sadly, 36 people died and Zeppelins never recovered in popularity.

The field where the crash site is, is still located on Lakehurst Naval Base, but there is also a museum where you can check out tons of information. For more information check out this site here!


Joe the Gorilla, Shamong

The gorilla stands on the south side of the Mighty Joe's Gas and Grill gas station parking lot, inside a white metal fence, his scowling mug set against a backdrop of South Jersey pine trees and blue sky. He is 25 feet tall (wow that's a big ape!) Joes looking spiffy these days -- his eyes, mouth, and even his fingernails have been given fresh coats of paint that gleam against his flat black fiberglass fur. A hole in his chest, which once held a rickety slide, has been covered with a sign.

This is definitely worth a detour for some good food, gas and fun pics!

For more information check out this site here.


Northlandz, Flemington

Proclaimed as one of the largest miniature railroad! It has 8 miles of track, over 4,000 buildings, and half a million trees! Tunnels and bridges galore, amazing landscapes on a miniature size. This is a great spot for those who are railroad fans. Everything is to scale and you just have to marvel at the sheer amount of manpower this all must have taken. *I should note that they are open every day but Tuesdays!

For more information check out their website here:


World's Largest Light Bulb, Edision

It is 13 feet tall and weighs 8 tons and they turn it ON at night! This is a memorial made to Thomas Edision in 1937 on the spot where Edision invented the light bulb.

Currently they are doing renovations on it so you can't go inside but it's set to open again in 2013. The museum was just renovated and reopened in June 2012. There is no site dedicated to this but if you Google it you can get exact directions. Here is a Time magazine article that was dedicated to it in 2010.,28804,2006404_2006691_2006024,00.html


Great Places to Find In NJ

NJ is a weird and odd place. Being on the east coast it has an amazing long history of oddities. Some of the great places I go to find interesting places to visit are at (they have a magazine also that I get religiously!) and

If you are looking for a great place to go and check out amazing strange roadside oddities in any state check out Roadside America and I would suggest getting a subscription to Weird NJ or picking them up at your local book store and learning more about the great state we live in!

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