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Welcome To La La land

Updated on October 10, 2009


LA LA Land


L.A. calls me
from snowy banks
piled high
to wing across the sky
and spend some time
in la la land
and much warmer climes
Venice beach to stroll and skate
sucking the tang of the ocean air
listening to the grumbling surf
Hollywood Blvd. gotta a date
to stroll it's length and idly dream
of chances missed for the big screen
did T.V. radio and stage
commercials and dramatic rage
but never got this far out west
went on with life..perhaps it's best
I'll press my hands
where stars once placed
their fingermarks so neatly spaced
and feel that distant call once more
from my lost youth so long before
I'll seek out cafes for my need
to take the open mike and read
some words that cause my soul to bleed
throw on some shorts with sandled feet
and write some poems out in the street
with tiny tape recorder on
I'll capture California's dawn
I'll detail faces passing by
I'm sure that some will make me sigh
the homeless and the destitute
the mimes their sad eyes soft and mute
the freaks and geeks that haunt the yards
of concrete on the boulevard
I'll take to dining somewhere strange
I came hoping to find a change
a brief hiatus from the cold
a thawing as my bones unfold
to stretch out here beneath the palms
absorbing light and warmth and calm
a small apartments where I'll dream
it has the basics neat and clean
and all too soon I'll pack again
and head back north remembering when
I first arrived and raised my face
                In La La land a lovely place                  


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