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Welcome to India, the Country of Festivals – October to March is the Best time to Visit, Here’s why!

Updated on August 28, 2017

India is the country of festivals, and it is popular in the world for its rich cultural heritage. People from all over the world visit the country to interact with its diverse culture. The best way to have a better glimpse of country's culture is to join its vivid festivals. Same festival is celebrated in multiple ways, depending upon the geography and local mode of celebration. Indians are fond of merriments and sharing expressions of joy with each other. Festival is the time of gathering with friends and family.

If you are planning India tour, then we suggest you to schedule during the period from October to March. This is the time of festivals in India. Here, we are giving a short description of the celebrations that make the country colorful during the festive season.

Navratri and Deepawali

The main festival of Hindus is Deepawali which is celebrated by enlightening the homes and the whole country flicker with candles and earthen lamps. Navratri is celebrated as the worship of Goddess Durga or Garba festival in Gujarat.

The festival of Garba in Gujarat is marked by a characteristic folk dance with sticks. Both men and women dance together on the ground to grace the occasion. The costumes for ‘Dandiya Raas’ are specially designed using multi-color fabrics and mirror work. The girls adorn themselves with massive Jewelry and makeup.

Ganga Mahotsav and Dev Deepawali

This festival is celebrated in November on the banks of river Ganga. The occasion is marked by dances and classical music accompanied by singing. The river is enlightened with several earthen lamps on the day of Dev Deepawali.

Guru Nanak Jayanti

A religious commemoration celebrated on November 4 is Guru Nanak birthday. Guru Nanak was the originator of Sikh religion and not only Sikhs, but almost all Hindus worship Him. All temples (Gurudwaras) are decorated, and people eat food prepared at this place. This occasion is especially celebrated in Amritsar at Golden temple which is decorated, and a huge crowd gathers at the temple to grace the event. The holy book of Sikhs is carried out in huge procession with music and hymns.

Rann Utsav

This is a 3-4 day festival celebrated in the desert areas of Kutch in Gujarat in December. If you have interest in perceiving the culture of India and tasting the flavor of ethics and tradition, then the best time to visit the country is from October to March. The grandeur fair, folk dances, and music mark the festive season of RannUtsav in Gujarat.

Lohri, MakarSankranti and Pongal

Lohri falls on 13 January every year when it is the time of harvesting of Rabi crops. It is mainly the socio-cultural festival of Punjabis. The festival is celebrated with peanuts, popcorns, and items made from jaggery or sugar along with lighting fire.

MakarSankranti follows Lohri and celebrated with different rituals in various parts of the country. Pongal is basically a Tamil festival celebrated from 14 to 17 January by cooking fresh rice with sugar, milk and dry fruits. These three commemorations are the winter festivals of India enjoyed by people all over the country.


A colorful festival to express love and joy is Holi that is scheduled in March every year. It marks the victory of good over evil and enjoyed by folks all over India. People play with colors and dishes are prepared at homes to welcome guests.

The festivals in India are inviting you to visit the country and receive a warm and colorful welcome as a part of traditional hospitality of the nation. So, when is your plan to visit?


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