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Should You Vacation in West Yellowstone MT?

Updated on January 26, 2014

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Are you planning a visit to West Yellowstone Montana?

West Yellowstone MT is the nearest entrance on the West Side of Yellowstone National Park. In fact this small city (Town) borders the National Park Property. As a youth I spent a lot of time in the summer in the vicinity of West Yellowstone Montana but seldom ventured into the town itself other than to accompany my parents while getting groceries. In my best recollection not much has changed over the years.

While there are a few newer places and a little bit of modernization the town of West Yellowstone is still pretty much the same dumpy little tourist trap. Yes that may seem overly harsh, but if you have been there then you’ll understand what I mean and if you have not been to West Yellowstone MT then you will realize it when you visit. West Yellowstone Lodging is pretty much like traveling back in time to 1970. The Hotels are actually motels – motor lodges, and are priced high for the amenities your receive. While some properties have been updated, you shouldn’t set your expectations too high.

The intent of this page is not to show the town as it is, not as the marketers want it to be. Don’t get me wrong here – the surrounding area is stunningly beautiful. I love to visit the park and spend long lazy summer days fishing and hiking and sight seeing. What I don’t like is having to go into town to stock up on groceries. You won’t find Safeway, Walmart, Costco, or any other brand stores in West Yellowstone. What you will find is mom and pop establishments and prices to match any other tourist trap town.

So without further adieu I bring to you a photo essay not of the beautiful landscape, mountains, wildlife, or scenic byways… but photos of the town itself so you can no what to expect on your nest Trip!

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West Yellowstone MT Photo Essay

To the best of my knowledge these are all public domain images.  I checked for copyright and did not find any terms of use statements.  If you find your image here and beg to differ please contact me and I will promptly remove the image. Thank You.


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