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Westminster and Hyde Park

Updated on May 29, 2019
Samuel Brezani profile image

My name is Sam. I am from Slovakia. Nowadays I study at a university in the Czech Republic. I like taking travel photos or writing blogs.

Third Day in London

Hello people! Today the sequel of our trip to London. The third day, as well as the other days, brought something new again. We passed the most visited sights and places that you shouldn’t miss out in London. Although Houses of Parliament were been reconstructing just at the time of our stay in London, we didn’t hesitate, and together with hundreds of other people, we walked around this palace.

We began our day looking at The London Monument (or just Monument), which was built to mark the outbreak of a major fire in London, near where the fire broke out. It was pretty hard to take a good shot of it, but I think that just for the idea of what it looks like, it will be enough for you.


We had originally directed to the Westminster Palace, but since I thought the bridge that was built right near this place, is called the London Bridge, so we went to this bridge. From the Monument Station, we reached the London Bridge, where we had a great view of the surrounding bridges. As soon as we were recovered that we probably didn’t find here the Houses of Parliament, we went by the Underground to the Westminster Station, where it looked just after we left the Underground, that we were at the right place.

The Houses of Parliament

After we got off from the station right to the Westminster Bridge (yes now it was the right bridge where we were supposed to go in the morning) we decided to cross the bridge from one side and also from the other side, so we could see the London Eye (also known as the Coca-Cola London Eye) or the Houses of Parliament in full of beauty. We didn’t do that very much, especially in case of the Big Ben Tower, which was just in the reworking phase, but it didn’t bother me (unline to the Chinese tourists who looked disappointed).

At the lunchtime, we went to the Pizza Hut Restaurant, where they recommended us unlimited dish (pizza, pasta, salads), so we had a really good meal. In the afternoon I returned to the hotel and from there I went by the Underground to the Hyde Park Corner Station. I think it would be better to get to the Knightsbridge Station, from which I would be right in front of the main entrance to the Hyde Park (I was a bit strange why I got off alone at the Hyde Park Corner Station).

Hyde Park

I entered Hyde Park with the feeling that I would finally see something other than the full streets of people (or rather the tourists), but it didn’t happen. It is true that the streets were replaced by nature, but otherwise, all was the same. Hyde Park welcomed me with the sand that flew right in my eyes or the allergy which started right after walking around the first tree, but I was so glad that the sun shines and I can at least walk around the park. I do not know if a park can be described in words, so at least I was trying to take some good pictures.

Kensington Gardens

Through Hyde Park, already together with my cousin, I got to the Kensington Gardens from where we went to the Kensington Palace, where also Kate and William, among other things, live. I was surprised by the mess which I saw through the palace windows, but it was probably a part of the palace where they did not clean up the mess.

We went around the palace and got to the High Street Kensington Station, from where we returned back to the hotel and went to sleep. By this way, we could end our third day in London. The next day, the weather was rainy, so we had to think about an alternative plan. But that’s for next time.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2019 Sam's Traveling


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    • Samuel Brezani profile imageAUTHOR

      Sam's Traveling 

      12 months ago from Zilina, Slovakia

      Thanks for the opinion. I really appreciate that.

    • Eurofile profile image

      Liz Westwood 

      12 months ago from UK

      You seem to be doing a thorough tour of London. I did the reverse last summer. Lunch in Kensington Gardens was followed by a prebooked tour of Kensington Palace and a walk through to Hyde Park. The Houses of Parliament are set to have work done on them for many years to come, but it is still a scenic part of London.


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