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Wetherspoons Hotels. Are They Worth the Money? A Review.

Updated on April 10, 2018
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Galaxy is an experienced worldwide traveller, from five-star hotels to yurts, from boats to motorhomes - she has tried them all.

Cheap Food and Cheap Booze.

For those of you unaware of Wetherspoons, it is a chain of public houses that have been springing up all over the United Kingdom over the last few years, they currently have over eight hundred and the numbers go up almost daily including the one that we stayed in in Bewdley.

They sell cheap food and cheap booze, not the very best quality but not at all bad. In fact, they are so cheap and so good that if a Wetherspoons opens in your town then most of the other pubs close by soon shut up shop, they simply can’t compete.

Which is a little sad, I think, as some of the old pubs closing down have been around for hundreds of years but that’s just business, I guess.

Recently Wetherspoon's have branched out into the hotel business and as it is possible to get a double room for around thirty five pounds a night they are also doing rather well.

A Room With a View?

An interesting place to put the tv.
An interesting place to put the tv. | Source

A Review of Wetherspoons Hotel Bewdley.

My husband and I have just returned from a two day break, we elected to stay at Wetherspoon hotels. On this occasion we decided to spend the first night in Bewdley, Worcestershire and the second in Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire.

On arrival at Bewdley, a beautiful little Georgian town, at around three pm, we checked in and requested replacement pillows as I am allergic to feathers, the receptionist, Emma, said she would have them sent up to our room. I think I might start taking my own foam pillow with me. We then climbed the thirty three very steep and narrow stairs to our room, also having to negotiate five heavy fire doors, all this carrying a suitcase and bags.

Lots of stairs.

If you are thinking of booking this hotel and are less then fit remember to ask for a room on the lower floor, there are a lot of steep stairs.

Room 209.

When we entered our room, number 209, we were quite disappointed to find that it was so small that it was basically only as wide as the bed and the ceiling sloped so low that I hit my head twice getting out of bed.

The room was, in fact, so small that the only place to put the tv was, bizarrely, on top of the wardrobe - rendering it almost impossible to watch. Never mind, we thought, maybe the view from the tiny window would make up for the small room but sadly no.

The view from the decidedly grubby window was of a wall six feet away, quite an interesting Tudor looking wall granted but a wall none the less. As the hotel is set on the banks of the river Severn, surrounded by rolling hills and farmland we had hoped for a reasonable outlook.

The Only way to see in the Bathroom Mirror was to Kneel on the Floor!

Mirror for really short people or children.
Mirror for really short people or children. | Source

A Room fit for Hobbits!

The hobbit sized bathroom proved to be just as much of a disappointment as the room. The shower door was broken, the uneven floor climbed steeply uphill towards the sink, over which was a very nicely lit, large mirror that was hung so low that one, unfortunately, had to kneel on the floor to use it.

We decided not to complain about the room as we had only paid a late booking price and given that the hotel is housed in a very old building we reluctantly accepted the uneven floor and sloping ceilings as part and parcel of staying in a historic building. This would prove to be a huge mistake as later, after a very pleasant meal in the pub downstairs, we returned to our room at ten fifteen to find the promised pillows had not been delivered. A call to reception saw them arrive in five minutes - which was good. However, when we got into bed and tried to sleep we discovered that there was a very loud droning noise coming from outside the room.

After trying to get to sleep for an hour, during which time we hoped the noise would stop, my husband rang reception to complain, he was told the noise would be ‘looked into’. The noise did not stop at all the entire night! We finally managed to fall asleep at around six am.

You get What you pay for.

When we checked out at eight thirty we complained to Emma on reception. She told us that she didn’t know what had been making the noise, we invited her to go to the room and check out the noise as it was still droning on. She didn’t answer, we then said that surely we weren’t the first people to complain about the noise, but she said that yes, in fact, we were. At this point she offered us a free breakfast, which we declined as we were not in the mood to eat. She took both our home telephone and mobile numbers and said she would look into the noise and get back to us. She did not. Not that we really expected her to.

On leaving the hotel my husband took a look down the adjoining alleyway and found a large row of huge extractor fans virtually underneath our bedroom window. Perhaps, as we were the first people to complain about the noise, they had only been installed that day, but looking at the years of dirt and grime coating them I find that hard to believe.

In stark contrast, our second night in Tewkesbury was perfect. Lovely room, wonderful, helpful man on reception, and even though we were at the front of the hotel overlooking the main street it was quiet and we had a wonderful nights sleep. We will definitely stay in Tewkesbury again, which is more than I can say about Bewdley. So, in conclusion, if you want a hotel room in the centre of a town with a pub attached, then Wetherspoons are for you, just avoid Bewdley and room 209 in particular! And remember this one little fact - you get what you pay for.

You get what you pay for.

Wetherspoons hotel rooms are cheap, so don't expect five star luxury for the bargain basement price.

Our Room, Just a Couple of Inches Wider Than the bed.

Tiny hotel room in Wetherspoons Bewdley.
Tiny hotel room in Wetherspoons Bewdley. | Source

Wetherspoon hotel Bewdley.

Have you stayed at this hotel? If you answer yes, please let me know what you thought of it.

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© 2011 Galaxy Harvey


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