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The Top Cities for Traveling in the Fall

Updated on September 2, 2014
Fall Foliage
Fall Foliage | Source

Summer's End...

The time is coming! With summer winding down, it is time to start thinking about putting away the shorts, tank tops, and flip flops. Out comes light sweaters, cute fall dresses, and new colors. With the burning temperatures the way they were this summer, I for one cannot wait much longer for Fall. The temperatures will be cooling, the kids will be back in school, and the pretty autumn mix of leaves will be all over as far as the eye can see. For some Fall lovers, traveling comes to mind. What are the benefits of Fall traveling you ask? Well for one, it's not too hot, yet not that teeth-chattering cold of winter. To me, it is just perfect. Also, there is not many crowds at whatever destination you may pick as there might be if you were summer traveling. And lastly, depending on what vacationing city you choose, the sights of Autumn could be sure to take your breath away with the bright, beautiful colors. So if you are thinking about Fall traveling but you are stumped on where to go, then you have come to the right place. Here are the top cities in America for Fall travel.

Horse and Carriage in Charleston
Horse and Carriage in Charleston | Source
Street view in Charleston
Street view in Charleston | Source

Charleston, South Carolina

What could be better then traveling to the beautiful city of Charleston? Visiting Charleston in the Fall! And it's gets better with this annual event: the Fall Tours of Homes & Gardens and Taste of Charleston Festival! For 2012, the 36th annual festival will be held from September 27th through October 28th. And with the temperatures cooling and the summer crowd out of there, the rates are a definite sure to be low. Better yet, the hotels and bed and breakfasts in this area are some of the most beautiful I have seen. See: Planters Inn, Francis Marion Hotel, Charleston Place Hotel. For those who love to wine and dine, or just wine (ha ha), there is an event named Wine Stroll Wednesdays where every Wednesday from June 26th to November 14th, you can get your wine on while strolling into different garden locations and sampling new and old world wine vintages. Sounds like great fun to me! This city has much to offer in all seasons of the year, but it is pure perfection in Fall traveling. Check it out for yourself!

Spectacular fall view in Savannah
Spectacular fall view in Savannah | Source

Savannah, Georgia

I loved this city so much when I traveled there, that I named my daughter after it! Savannah, Georgia is breathtakingly beautiful no matter what season, rain, snow, or shine. But there is just something about the striking red, yellow, and orange leaves scattered throughout this beautiful city that makes me just want to pack up and move there. How about strolling the waterfront in the fresh Autumn air, a carriage ride through downtown, or the Savannah Jazz Festival music event? With bundles of adventures and places to go, you can find something worthwhile for the whole family. Oh, and the FOOD. You absolutely cannot travel to Savannah without dining in the fabulous restaurants with that glorious Southern comfort food. Also, remember to check out the mass of food-centered events throughout the fall season, including the Annual Oktoberfest held October 1st and 2nd. And do not forget all those haunted ghost tours that will be happening just in time for Halloween. After all, Savannah is the most haunted city. You will find visitors flock here every Fall season for the rich ghost history whether it be roaming the Bonaventure Cemetery, or those ghost and spirit-inhabited Bed and Breakfasts. My promise to you if you decide to visit this amazing city in your Fall Travels is if this is your first visit, it is sure not to be your last!

Classic New Orleans
Classic New Orleans | Source
Fall dining in New Orleans
Fall dining in New Orleans | Source

New Orleans, Louisiana

Are you ready to party? That's right, Mardi Gras is not the only time to party in this beautiful Fall traveling city. Known for bars and nightlife, come fall time all that energy is transformed into Fall Festivals. Some worth checking out are the September New Orleans Burlesque Festival where you can enjoy three sultry nights of the glamorous burlesque dancers, to the Voodoo Music Experience that takes place right before Halloween. With the weather cool and the humidity low, Fall in New Orleans is the perfect trip for all.

Denver City Park
Denver City Park | Source
Denver Broncos Game in Fall
Denver Broncos Game in Fall | Source

Denver, Colorado

Wait until you get a peek at these leaves in this glorious Fall traveling city. The leaves keep turning at different elevations all Autumn long! But do not be late for the city's October Great American Beer Festival. And if you are into micro-brews, Denver is ranked number 2! The skiing slopes of course do not open until late October, so you will find many of the locals taking in the Autumn air while fall biking or hiking on the beautiful mountain trails. You can also enjoy other cultural festivals, Halloween fun, and a Pumpkin Festival and Corn Maze. Come on up into the mountain's for a great Fall time!


Nevada City, California

This city is known for having the best fall colors out there. Picture Perfect! You can find the beautiful orange, gold, and fiery red colors all throughout this historic Gold Rush town right through the Sierra-Nevada mountains. What could be more picturesque then Fall traveling through the old-fashioned Victorian neighborhoods that surround the historic downtown, and see the beautiful Autumn colors on the old Red Maple trees seeded by the early settlers. Ready for a car ride through the mountains? You can view the fall color changes in the forests while on the trek along the 160 mile Yuba-Donner Scenic Byway which looks more like a painting come to life. They say the peak colors in Nevada City and the Grass Valley are hard to determine, but predictions say the best color weeks are from mid-October to mid-November. Come and enjoy warm pleasant afternoons and brisk cool nights of bicycling, hiking, golfing, or some unique shopping at the downtown boutiques. Sounds like the perfect place to get into the harvest season and Thanksgiving spirit!

Beautiful city view of Providence
Beautiful city view of Providence | Source

Providence, Rhode Island

New England has launched thousands of postcards due to its ultimate Fall foliage. The scenes in found in the brilliant New England area have caused tons of visitors to flock to this area for their Fall traveling destinations. Among the best is the capital city of Rhode Island. Their peak colors happen around mid- September before heading south. Are you going to be one of the thousands of "leaf peepers" heading up this way? The beautiful city of Providence stretches along the Providence River and is where you can find famous travel destinations such as Brown University, John Brown House, Performing Arts Center, and the Waterplace Park. How about a nice, pleasant drive along the northwest of Providence towards the historic Blackstone Valley if you really want to see some amazing Fall scenes and foliage. If you are there in September, be sure not to miss out on the Seafood Festival at India Point Park. Come on out and enjoy the freshest seafood, beer and wine from the local favorites, and plenty of bands. The whole area of New England is a major tourist attraction in the fall and for good reason, so you do not have to stick to just one area. Maybe keep traveling up the coast for a sure to be unforgettable scenic view!

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Enjoy Your Fall Travels

Now that you know where the best Fall traveling destinations are, it is time to start planning and booking your trip! Here are some great tips for your Fall travels.

  • Remember to read up on the weather in your destined location and pack appropriately. The temperatures can all be different then what you think it might be. Always pack a sweater for cooler nights, and something breezy for warmer days.
  • Take advantage of those off-season perks. We all know that generally Spring and Summer are the busiest times of the year. So it could be rather easy for you to find some great deals on booking airlines and hotels. Do your research.
  • If you do plan on hiking in some of these beautiful hiking destinations, remember to have a first aid kit and an emergency kit that includes food etc...with you. You never want to go unprepared.
  • Make reservations in advance. In some places, like New England or Savannah, where the tourists thrive on the Fall months for Fall traveling, the weekends can get booked up pretty quickly.


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    • bwhite062007 profile image

      Brianna 3 years ago from East Coast

      Thank you Iris Draak! Fall is my favorite season. I just love the scenes and smells!

    • Iris Draak profile image

      Cristen Iris 3 years ago from Boise, Idaho

      Brianna, yes, bring on fall! I just went for a long hike and rock climb in the mountains near Boise today. The weather was gorgeous-perfect, in fact. We have lots of pine so the the foliage changes aren't nearly as striking as your examples but the sage is blooming and its yellow balls of pollen are quite striking against the dull, dry grasses. I moved here from South Carolina and I sure do miss the Smokey Mountains of North Carolina and Tennessee this time of year. Great post!