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What Can I Take From My Hotel Room?

Updated on July 10, 2017

What Can I Legally Take?

We've all taken something from a hotel, whether it is the free tea and coffee, or the little shower gel bottles that we put lovingly in a drawer and never use again. It's totally normal to take things from a hotel, but there are things you are allowed to take because the hotel provides them for you, and things you shouldn't take because it is just plain stealing!

But where is the line? I asked a hotelier from Cornwall and she has given me the list of things that most hotels are happy for you to take, and the things that they aren't.


Tea and Coffee

"It's why I put it there" she says "I don't ever expect there to be any left when the rooms are cleaned" Hotels provide this stuff for you for your stay, but if you don't use it all whilst you are there, there is nothing to stop you from taking it home with you. Tea, coffee, sugar, even the little biscuits are all up for grabs.

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"Again, it's always weird when there's any left" The same rule as the tea and coffee applies, it's technically for your hotel stay, but who's gonna know if you don't use it all. I know a lot of people like them as mementos, but I don't get why you would take something like that and not use it? But feel free to take the shampoo, shower gel, conditioner (if it's a fancy place) even the little soaps no one ever uses.

Toilet Roll

"Sometimes there is toilet paper left, sometimes there's not, I don't know if they use it or take it so I can't judge" I am not sure why you would, but toilet roll is another thing on the list of items that you are apparently welcome to take when staying in a hotel.

Hotel Stationery

"That's fine, it's an advertising tool anyway, so the more people that take it, the better" So the pens, pencils and pads of paper lying around in your hotel room are yours!


Cups and Glasses

"It annoys me, but I don't go mad about it, I wish people wouldn't though" The cups and glasses are not for you to take, they are to be cleaned and put back for the next person. This is why a lot of hotels have stopped putting their logo on their coffee mugs, it encouraged people to take them as a memento of their stay.


"If the robe is missing from your room, you'll get charged for it" Robes are another item that aren't to be taken from the room (unless otherwise stated)


"I lose that many towels I have lost count" There is a reason that they have the sign on the wall that tells you to put your towels in the bath if you want them to be washed and it is because they are meant to be for the next person to use once they have been cleaned! "I charge people for towels, they're expensive!"


"I have had 8 Kettles taken this year and I charged them for every one of them!" I have no idea why you would steal the tiny little kettle and what use it could possible be to you, but stop doing it!


"Sometimes people take the pillows, and I always charge them, I spend a lot of money on pillows because I know important they are to a good night's sleep, so if you take it, you pay for it" Yes, the hotel pillows can be very comfortable, but is it really worth stealing? Especially when you will get caught and charged for it?

Different Places Have Different Rules

Of course, this does not apply to all hotels, some have different rules, so always play it safe when it comes to taking stuff.

When it comes to hotels, there is a clear and well known line as to what is acceptable to take and a huge difference between being a normal hotel guest and being a thief!


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    • Claire-louise profile image

      Claire Raymond 6 months ago from UK

      Haha that's okay, I won't call the police this time lol

    • Ivan Horvat profile image

      Ivan 6 months ago from Zagreb

      Each time I take pen :-) Don't know why, but I am doing that :-)