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What Can You Do in a Horse Drawn Carriage (in Chicago)?

Updated on January 23, 2016

We Can Create Experiences Within

Within a horse drawn carriage, we can have experiences too not just outside a horse drawn carriage. We can create our own experiences. Some of these experiences are identified below:

  1. Book reading.
  2. Proposing.
  3. A first date.
  4. Anniversary celebration.


A markerChicago -
Chicago, IL, USA
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A Book Reading

Have you ever considered having a book reading in a serene environment in Chicago? Your best bet may be a horse drawn carriage, travelling through the city on the wheels of a cart powered by horses; while listening, you can take in the view of the city from time to time and also, catch a wisp of fresh air.

Here’s an innovative way to do so:

  • You arrive Chicago two or three days before your event.
  • You knock on the doors of a horse drawn carriage company and book a horse drawn carriage for two hours.
  • That settled, you send reminders to your readers who will attend your book reading event on wheels.
  • On the day of the event, you ensure the horse drawn carriage is designed to suit a serene environment (blue may be your best bet for an appealing colour); a table, some pens, your business cards, bookmarks and other necessary items should’ve been fitted in a portable case on the table.
  • You kick off from your hotel and as you go along the streets of Chicago, you pick up your readers at their doorsteps.
  • Soon as you’ve picked up your reader that completes the seating arrangement, the convener introduces you, talks a bit about your genre and then, sets the stage for you to read a chapter in your book.
  • It’s a two hour ride, so you take about thirty to forty-five minutes reading. The remaining one hour will be spent engaging (questions and answers), book signing and discussion with your readers.
  • At the end of the two hour ride, the chauffeur drops your reader at their doorsteps and takes you back to your hotel room.

Book Reading?


A First Date

Some ladies (not all) prefer a creative first date, either because they’re creative or they love an out-of-the-traditional-box scenario. If your love interest thinks this way, a date on a horse drawn carriage will be much appreciated and fun if she’s into dating on wheels and travelling through the streets of Chicago.

You can order a lunch pack at Stella Barra Pizzeria and cocktail from Three Dots and a Dash; chat, tease, eat, drink and have fun with the chauffeur manning the wheels.

My Assumed First Date...LOL



You’ve gone on multiple dates and you feel it’s the right time to pop the question. As a romantic, you don’t want to go cliché and pop that pertinent question in a restaurant. You love doing different and would love to do it this time around. Proposing in a special private horse drawn carriage may be the best bet. Just the two of you inside, riding through the cities of Chicago with beautiful sceneries dotting the landscape, then you pop the question.

If it’s a yes, that’s a positive one for both of you. If it’s a no, you can deal with the situation immediately because you didn’t propose in the public eye: a restaurant, via an aerial banner, on live TV, at a candle lit dinner, on radio, at a sports half time, etc.

More importantly, if it’s a yes, you can get cuddly and lovey-dovey through the remaining part of your journey after sliding in the engagement ring on her finger.

Would You...?


Anniversary Celebration

You can celebrate dates of personal or historical importance in a horse drawn carriage in Chicago. Anniversaries such as: Clock Anniversary, China Anniversary, Crystal/Glass Anniversary, Appliances Anniversary, Silverware Anniversary, Diamond Anniversary, Pearls Anniversary, Porcelain Anniversary, Platinum Anniversary, Nickel Anniversary, Silver Anniversary, Jade Anniversary, Ruby Anniversary, Sapphire Anniversary, Gold Anniversary and Emerald Anniversary. These are all wedding anniversaries but the list goes beyond that; count in birthday anniversary and more.




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