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What I Did Today - I Visited Pitlochry & Surrounding Areas

Updated on April 22, 2013

Pitlochry in Scotland

This place is quite popular among all types of people but I would peg it as a walkers paradise and also a place of 'off island' tourism. What I mean is that, a lot of people visiting the UK and especially Scotland will nearly always be visiting Pitlochry while they explore.

I have been to Pitlochcry once before and I found it to be very peaceful and an excellent place to stop over for a day or two before you move on to somewhere else.

Pitlochry and its Surrounding areas

I would very much recommend that you have a car or at least rent one when you visit Pitlochry. Though the place is very pretty and beautiful, I would say that after a full day maybe two you will have seen everything that the small town has to offer.

I managed to rent a car in Pitlochry from one of the local hotels who offer the service. The price of the car rental wasn't really extortionate, as long as you picked the right timescale. They did not rent by the day which might put a crimp on anyone wanting to rent for a single day. The other options available would be to rent from a car in Perth (the nearest Town) and drive it from there or to simply rely on the trains if you are not facing time constraints.

The Trip

I spent my first night in a private hostel room and on my second night I stayed in a dorm room. In hinsight I should have stayed both nights in a dorm room as the hostel was fairly empty and on the second night I only had to share with one other guy. He was friendly enough, he did snore a little, though.

I took the car out to see the two lochs that are to north west of Pitlochry. I took in the queens view on my way. I stupidly paid for an all day parking voucher as I thought there would be some good walking routes close by. Sadly though, I found after have a bite to eat, put on my walking boots and waterproofs that it was just a coach stop and photo opportunity. I did take some pictures which were pretty amazing.

I walked in some woods that were close to Loch Tummel and I got caught in some very heavy rain. I was quite lucky though as this was the only rain which got me TOTALLY soaked, well, my unprotected trousers could be rung out. I didn't mind, though. It was quite refreshing and I didn't have to go into a busy environment or spend the day at work!

All in all

All in all I really liked the area. The transport, other than the train seemed to be pretty non existant which makes getting out and about to the areas that surround Pitlochry near impossible. If the weather is good and you are fit, there are bike rental services which I am sure would be an amazing experience. My only fear with renting a bike would be that the weather could well change at any minute as it is the nature of the location, sadly.


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    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Wow! I can almost taste and breathe how clean and clear the air and water are in your pictures!

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      This isn't too far from me. I have to say, you have taken some really great pictures.

    • Tyler Bracken profile imageAUTHOR

      Tyler Bracken 

      6 years ago from Berlin, Germany

      Thanks for the comment! Scotland isn't always wet. In fact, 80% of my trip was dry :) I will certainly try to do more.

    • profile image

      John Lawn 

      6 years ago

      "It's raining..." .. It's Scotland! I enjoyed the videos and pictures a lot. Do more! ..if you can!?


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