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What I Love About Gloucester, MA.

Updated on January 5, 2015
Gloucester's Man at the Wheel
Gloucester's Man at the Wheel | Source

You know what I love about Gloucester? I love its authenticity. It's gritty and it's real. It always was and still is a real working harbor. A little rough around the edges perhaps, but not without its charm.

The Wicked Tuna guys are here. The Perfect Storm was shot here. Gloucester's got museums, some great places to eat, and a myriad of shops along Main Street in the downtown section.

If you want to be on the water, you can take a sail, or go on a whale-watching cruise.

If you're into art, you can check out the little sliver of East Gloucester called Rocky Neck, home to several art galleries and studios.

gallery on Rocky Neck
gallery on Rocky Neck | Source

Gloucester was founded way back in 1623. Life in this place, one of the first English settlements of the Massachusetts Bay Colony, was harsh. Unfortunately the pioneers who settled here only stayed for a few years. Years later though, the area was resettled. Early industry in the area included logging and small family farms.

Gloucester has a rich history with the sea. It evolved from a major shipbuilding town in the 1700s, into a huge fishing port. I'm sure you have all seen the "Gloucester fisherman" and know the name "Gorton's of Gloucester." This well-known seafood company originally started back in 1849 as John Pew & Sons, ultimately becoming Gorton's of Gloucester in 1957.

Many immigrants from Portugal and Italy came to this area to take part in the growing fishing industry. Their influence remains to this day. Our Lady of Good Voyage Church was founded in 1892 for the large Portuguese immigrant population. And the annual "Blessing of the Fleet" is an important part of the St. Peter's Fiesta. This festival is celebrated in the Italian-American community each year honoring St. Peter, the patron saint of fisherman.

Winter at Good Harbor Beach
Winter at Good Harbor Beach | Source

If you've never made the trip to Gloucester, it is worth your while to come see it. Summer is of course the busiest time, Pack some sneakers and take a walk around downtown, and then head over to Rocky Neck to see some local art, and grab a bite to eat and a refresher at one of the restaurants.

Even after the crowds have gone for the quiet season, it is a beautiful time to walk the beaches and enjoy some solitude. If you come in the late fall or winter... bundle up! It is quite breezy and in the winter the wind can chill you to the bone!

But whatever the season, come out and see all there is to see, and enjoy your visit.

Gloucester is real folks, real stories, and real history.

Have you traveled to Gloucester, MA? What is your favorite thing to do/visit there?

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