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Travel Destination: Bangkok, Thailand

Updated on February 5, 2011

Loving Bangkok - second time around!

I have only been to Thailand twice, Bangkok, specifically. My recent trip there was last February 2008, and I can still feel the thrill of going around the city, visiting their temples, their big and new malls and Chatuchak (Jatukak) for the best part!

Well, I will start off by commenting on how beautiful their airport is right now! My first visit to Bangkok, Thailand was six years ago. The airport was not as competent, modern and huge then, as it is right now. In fairness, it has exceeded my expectations of what a modern (asian) international airport would be like (except, of course HK airport ). I can spend time moving around their airport. I won't get bored at all!

Spend time visiting their many temples, where you can see all different kinds of buddhas. There's the reclining buddha, so huge you dont know which spot to take photos of! There's the golden buddha, of course, which you shouldn't miss.

Next stop would be MBK where you can shop for nice and inexpensive items you'd want to bring back home. The food court in MBK is also a good place to eat authentic pad thai! and tom yum! (really yummy!)There's SIAM, for the more upscale market - where you find all the branded stuffs! ( Everything: nine west, bass, nike...whatever you need...its there!)

You may want to try out their spas, body and foot massages. Its just a treat! I guess nothing beats the authentic spa (body massage) in Bangkok. Its everywhere!

For your shopping needs, there's the Pratunam street where you can be treated to a lot of good stuffs already. But better yet, spend one whole day ( or two or three) at the chatuchak (Jatujak) market....I believe its the biggest market in the world! I mean, you will go brouhaha over almost everything that you can find there! From furnitures -- big or small, to christmas decors to plants to dogs/dog stuff to clothes to accessories to bag to everything!!!! I warn you, once you start ( shopping) you can't stop!!! So wear your most comfortable shoes, shirts to make you move around comfortably -- and bring those baht!!!! ( I get excited just thinking about chatuchak!)

Of course, I heard they've got some nice beaches there, too! If youre a beach bum, then maybe Phuket would be a good place to go to, though, I still have to see it for myself.

Dont forget to taste their fruits. Ahhhh! theyre so sweet. I love their green mangoes. Its superb!

Have a nice trip to Thailand....Sawasdee!!!

Riding the tuk-tuk makes my heart skip a beat!
Riding the tuk-tuk makes my heart skip a beat!
Outside the reclyning buddha temple with our tourist guide
Outside the reclyning buddha temple with our tourist guide
The golden buddha
The golden buddha


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