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What Neighborhood's Are Famous In Chicago?

Updated on December 9, 2014

Pilsen Has It's Own Creative Vibe

The Pislen neighborhood bring its own creativity that the Mexican community bring, which adds their own flare in the area. During the Summer months you would see individual's selling corn, fruit, and other Mexican items inside a rolling carts. This makes this neighborhood special.

What Can You Discover Inside This Neighborhood?

  • National Museum Of Mexican Art has the largest collection of Mexican art.
  • Nuevo Leon & Fogata Village are well-known eateries inside this community.
  • The Chicago Arts District has vary of lofts, condos, and small commercial properties in this area.
  • Cinco Day Mayo & Mexican Independences Day is celebrated heavily in this community with parades, food, and live music during the May & September.

A family photo of my family having dinner at one of the restaurants in Humboldt Park
A family photo of my family having dinner at one of the restaurants in Humboldt Park | Source

Latino's Thrive In This Neighborhood

The Humboldt Park area is divided into different cultures but it still home to the Puerto Rican community. I was born and raised in this community, so it will always be home too me.

What Can You Discover In This Neighborhood?

  • Humboldt Park was established in 1869, it has wonderful looking gardens, lagoons, prairies, and a small beach but what make it so unique is the people and their lifestyle. During the summer months you would see plenty of people riding bikes, selling food inside their food trucks, and children playing a baseball, football, soccer or any others games.
  • Food Trucks camp inside and outside of the park. The ones to be on the watch for are the Labooma, Sabro Latino, and others that make eating around there a treat.
  • Institute Of Puerto Rican Arts & Culture which houses a beautiful stables, where some people have their weddings, special event parties, and other exciting functions.
  • Paseo Boricua is known for his Spanish cuisine, vibrant mural work, and small shops.
  • Roeser's Bakery Shop is one of the oldest family-run business that is a hidden gem in this community.
  • Puerto Rican Parade, The Bandera To Bandera Fest & The Riot Fest are the accolades events that are displayed each year June and Sept. I think these festivals help people get out of their houses to enjoy themselves and see the community in a different way with its food, live music and other entertainment.

My husband and I taking a photo downtown Chicago
My husband and I taking a photo downtown Chicago | Source
Baseball field near Wrigley Field
Baseball field near Wrigley Field | Source

Wrigleyville Is The Home Of The Cubbies.

This community is very lively almost all year-round, as most people flock here to visit the famous Chicago Cubs and all the local bars that are in the area.

What Can You Discover In This Community?

  • Wrigley Field is where the stadium and home plate is established for the Chicago Cubs (aka the Cubbies) can play their games but most concerts are held there also.
  • Murphy's Bleachers is place where most people hangout after watching a game or concert.
  • Joe's Bar located on Weed St., is a local bar that hostess plenty of small and big concerts for all genres.

A markerwrigley field -
Wrigley Field, 1060 West Addison Street, Chicago, IL 60613, USA
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What Neighborhood's Are You Looking Forward To Visit?

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Chinatown Is Gated With Beauty & Style

The Chinatown Gates and Nine Dragon Wall is a landmark that you have arrived to the Chinese Community. You'd find a great amount of restaurants and shops inside this area that is catered to its residents.

What Can You Discover Inside This Community?

  • Ping Tom Memorial Park is where they have the Dragon Boat Race which always takes place in July.
  • Chinatown Square is the largest Chinese mall that carries a great amount of goods. The restaurants inside the mall compels you to eat and drink on the go as you finish shopping.
  • Chinese- American Museum of Chicago gives you a chance to exhibit the unique and outstanding sculptures waiting inside.

The Pullman Area Is Known For Its Historic District

When you're scratching the surface to see what's underneath the Pullman district, you might find all types of Museums or Foundations.

What Can You Discover Inside This District?

  • Pullman Historic District was built in the 1800s to be the foundation for George Pullman's Palace Car Company. The company had a production line problem that somehow shut down for some odd reason. The memory is still roaming around this neighborhood until this very day.
  • A. Philip Randolph Pullman Porter Museum this place helps educates more visitors learn about labor relations that effected the town.
  • Historic Pullman Foundation Visitor Center is where you can see different artifacts from the neighborhood dating back to the time when things fell apart.

Edgewater Is Home Of The Bryn Mawr History

The Edgewater district has a lot of vintage and style that anyone would love to see. Its built with unbelievable landmarks and buildings that shelter the area very well.

What Can You Discover Inside This District?

  • Broadway Antique Market has one of the largest catalog of antiques, jewelry, and furniture.
  • Indie Cafe is where they serve Thai and Japanese cuisines.
  • Ras Dashen Ethiopian has tasty food that will take anyone who is from this homeland back to their Ethiopian roots with one bite.

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    • Venus Rivera profile image

      Daisy Rivera 3 years ago from Chicago, IL

      Well, RhondaAlbom, you should come back home and see the sights, believe me things have changed so much here.

    • RhondaAlbom profile image

      Rhonda Albom 3 years ago from New Zealand

      Interesting article. I grew up in the north suburbs and have only been back once in the last 20 years. Before leaving the city in the mid 80s I lived in the Gold Coast, near the water. I loved it.