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What To Do In The Seychelles On Vacation, Extreme Water Sports, Tours And Trips

Updated on December 14, 2015
Why Go Anywhere Else ?
Why Go Anywhere Else ?

What to do in the Seychelles ?

The beautiful and majestic island called The Seychelles, is actually a republic consisting of 115 different islands, although only 16 offer accommodation to tourists. Set in the Indian Ocean off the coast of Africa, a Seychelles vacation offers some of the worlds most unspoilt beaches, exotic weather conditions, and a funtastic time from nippers to grandad.

Some of the water sports for the not so faint hearted includes shark feeding. Simply sit on the ocean floor whilst sharks swim a few inches from your head. Try scuba diving around the corals and see all the colorful marine life.

Tempt yourself to jet skiing around the secluded coves and show off your acrobatics to the beach babes. For more adrenaline filled Seychelles holidays take a tumble from an aeroplane and perform a parachute jump. Or you could cliff dive into the warm waters of the Indian Ocean. Deep sea fishing has always been popular in the Seychelles.

For the landlubbers there are many land based excursion, trips and tours which all lead from every major city and town on the island. Jeep safaris take you into the heart of the island to explore the local wildlife whilst horse riding beckons the romantically inclined along the beaches. Quad bike tours are excellent fun and can be ridden by children as well as adults.

All inclusive resorts in the Seychelles offer tours from the reception area. Eco tourists can visit the world famous Cousin Island Special Reserve or the Curieuse Marine National Park for excellent Eco warrior style tours. Cheap vacations in the Seychelles are a totally different world.

Water Sports In The Seychelles

Shark Feeding

There is every type of water sports available in the Seychelles. Scuba diving takes a new twist when you are feeding the sharks from the ocean bed. The crystal clear waters around the coast allow perfect visibility.

Sit in a tight circle whilst an adrenaline fuelled guide feeds sharks by hand just feet away from where you are sitting. Watch as the bubbles do not just escape from the mouthpiece of each diver. The sharks occasionally bump into the scuba divers causing a faster than normal heart rate.

Surfing and Wind Surfing

Surfer dudes and dudesses will fall in love with the tides and wind around the coast. Secluded alcoves are excellent for both surfing worlds with sufficient waves to enthrall the surfing community which congregate in the Seychelles like iron filings to a magnet.

Sea Fishing Trips

Sea fishing is an old tradition on this island nation. Fish for sharks and swordfish as well as other large mammals of the sea. All sea fishing excursions include boat and equipment hire, food and drinks, and bait, but take the mother-in-law out with you in case more bait is required.

Boat Charter

Boat charters are excellent fun. Hire your own boat with a skipper and sail away to explore the numerous islands. Use the kids as pirate slaves and get them to serve you drinks and slap on the sun lotion. Use your imagination and make the mother-in-law walk the plank. The boat is at your command until it's time to go home. All inclusive resorts in the Seychelles offer discount prices in the reception area.

Landlubbers Tours And Trips


Golf courses in the Seychelles includes the 18 hole championship Lemuria Golf course. Designed to test professionals and definitely the amateurs, this breathtaking course takes in some fantastic scenery along the way with palm trees, coves, and mountainous forests.

Island Hopping

A simple trip on a rickety boat to explore other uninhabited islands could be fun. Take a picnic and enjoy some of the beautiful places, swim with turtles and dolphins, splash about in secluded lagoons, and just have a funtastic time.

Sky Diving

Adrenaline Junkies will be amazed at the fantastic views they see as they hurtle towards the ground suspended by a thin piece of silk. Tandem jumps are available for first timers who wish to experience this insane sport. For a brilliant vacation in the Seychelles, have a parachute jump as it is always one to remember.

Eco Tours

The romantic islands of the Seychelles are a favourite attraction for Eco warriors. The islands are a combination of Arab, Portuguese, Indian, French and African descent, and it shows in the fauna as well as the friendly locals. Tours into the mountains and forests are very educational for all ages. The insightful tours demonstrate the urgency of the need for worldwide restriction on deforestation.


Most all inclusive resorts in the Seychelles provide ample entertainment throughout the day and night. The 24 hour vibrant and sometimes electrifying party atmosphere continues until you hit the beach for breakfast. Visit the local bars and discos to sample the traditional ales and a taste of the exotic. Take the mother-in-law with you and try to palm her off with an islander.


Lots of chances for you to blow away a fortune in awesome style at one of the luxurious casinos. Themed casinos, typically designed to relieve you of your money, are a brilliant way to while away the hours, just don't' spend to much. The gambling bug on holiday is always magnified.

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