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What To Do In Tulum Mexico, Deep Sea Fishing Trips, Jet Ski Hire, Scuba Diving, Extreme Water Sports,

Updated on July 19, 2017

Tulum Vacations Mexico

What to do in Tulum Mexico ? Tulum is like paradise on Earth, with sea fishing trips, jet ski hire, suba diving and others in beautiful and picturesque surroundings with many extreme sporting activities to amuse most adrenaline junkies.

Family entertainment is never ending from this 24 hour party city on the coast of Mexico. The ancient Mayans made Tulum their last city they built before vanishing, leaving many historic temples as visitor attractions.

The water parks of Tulum and surrounding areas are awesome, with hair raising rides and areas to swim with dolphins and sharks.

The crystal clear waters of the Caribbean Ocean await the tourist whom is willing to try jet skiing, scuba diving, sea fishing trips, snorkeling, kayaking, banana boat rides, water skiing, wind surfing, or leisurely cruises along an exciting and yet formidable coastline.

For Adrenaline Junkies

Tulum is fantastic for extreme sports enthusiasts. The Tulum Extreme Expedition offers cliff diving to all people mad enough to do it.

Parachuting solo and tandem parachute jumps over the Mayan Riviera is perfect. Jump out of a perfectly good aeroplane over jungles and tropical rain forests, take in the awesome aerial sights whilst free falling, open the chute and simply gaze in amazement at the city of Tulum and the surrounding natural areas.

Tulum Local Resident


Extreme mountain biking through rough jungle terrain is fantastic and scary. Test your nerves and stamina as you launch yourself off of small cliffs, through small brooks and rivers, over mountains and through dangerous creature filled forests or jungles.

Watch out for the local residents who can grow to over 18 feet long and snap your legs off in one bite. Tulum trips are awesome.

TOURIST WARNING: Free Link To Poisonous & Venomous Snakes, Spiders & Bugs In Mexico

Private Boat Rental In Tulum

Boat Charter In Tulum

Cheap boat charter or boat hire in Tulum Mexico is available virtually everywhere. Boat charters for excellent days of fun with a fantastic boat and an experienced captain are essential for a vacation by the sea.

Play pirates with the kids, make dad walk the plank, take the mother in law as bait if you are fishing, you own imagination is your only limit. Hire a cheap boat in Tulum and explore the coastline. Snorkel well out to sea over sand

banks, swim with dolphins and great sea turtles, find a manta ray and stoke some of the most colorful fish in the world.

Explore caves, find secluded beaches, sunbath, fish, or simply relax whilst floating around the Caribbean Ocean on the private boat hire.

Tourist Warning. Mexican police and taxi drivers kidnap tourists - Growing trend.

Sea Fishing Trips Tulum Mexico

Deep Sea Fishing Trips Tulum

WOW !! Deep sea fishing trips from Tulum are excellent. The open seas pitches man against some formidable ocean dwelling creatures which can include the Great White Shark.

Great whites have been know many times to roam the coastal waters of Mexico. Shark fishing is a popular sea sport in Tulum, which is an old fishing town.

Marlin and swordfish can be caught at various times of the year with the boats skipper taking you the most likely spot to find what you are after.

This exhilarating sport is not for the faint hearted where it can take hours to land that catch of the year, watch out for the swordfish, they do spear their captures on occasions.

Scuba Diving In Tulum Mexico

Scuba Diving Tulum Mexico

Scuba diving lessons or equipment hire for the more advanced divers are available along the sea front. Scuba diving in the ocean off of Tulum is the adventure of a lifetime.

Clear warm waters permit perfect visibility on most days. Wreck dive around Tulum for some ancient treasure or simply swim with turtles, dolphins and many other marine life.

Cave dive through some fantastic lit caves for the ultimate diving experience. Tulum has many underwater adventures for the eager enthusiast.

Feeding the sharks from the ocean bed is very popular as is swimming with whales, with the Autumn months being the better time to dive.

Tourist Warning: Mexico is home to the worlds most violent girl gangs.

Quad Bike Tours Tulum

Quad Bire Hire Tulum

Quad bike rental in Tulum is a ticket to fast paced excitement for the whole family. The quad bikes are excellent all terrain vehicles, and they need to be.

Quad bike tours take you through the jungle and rain forests at a very fast pace. This is a vacation experience not to be missed.

Exceptional value for money, quad bike rental allows you to explore other parts outside of the city where walking is just to tiresome.

Seek out the native creatures in the forests and near rivers, then stop and picnic by some basking alligators. Zoom off again to explore coastline caves and mountain tracks.

Tourist tWarning: Drug tunnels into the U.S.


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