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Cruise To The Caribbean!!!

Updated on August 10, 2012

Jamaican Cruise

I went to Jamaica on a cruise ship for my vacation over the summer break. On the ship, there was a water park. Although they had rides and many other fun things to do, I spent most of my time on the water park. Their customer service was dazzling; they wore black suits and looked very professional. The cruise ship was quiet and always clean. All the activities, foods, and supplies were already paid for. The food was so very scrumptious. My room was very decorated with queen sized bed and I got to choose the color of my bed sheet. I had a cable TV though I didn't watch it.

When I made it to Jamaica, I was really excited. My first impression was the beautiful girls that greeted us as we exited the ship. I went to a hotel in Montego Bay, which had great service; just like the preceding employees they wore black suits. I only stayed at the hotel for approximately an hour to get settled and left to the beach. At the beach, I talked to a few girls and astoudingly they were all not from Jamaica except for one. I went to Dunn's River Falls and climbed all the way up the river. I went to a lot of Amusement parks and I really enjoyed myself. The trip was worth the while and I would definitely go back next year.


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